Pondering the Gift of Water

So many of us head to bodies of water in the Summertime! It makes me ponder the gift of water … priceless. A place to relax, rest, refresh and restore our bodies, minds and spirits. And in this busy, crazy, uncertain world we live in, no wonder we all flock to water! I have a few of my favorite places … Lake Superior, Lower Hay Lake, the mighty Mississippi and the lake I grew up on in Iowa, Clear Lake. Each one is unique and each one life giving. Just recently I had some down time and wrote a letter to “my lake”, Lake Superior. Hope you can relate ...

Dear Lake,

Once again, wash over me.
Are you so personal with all who come seeking your peace and experience your grandeur, power, love and grace?
Because You see, I call You “my lake”, not “their lake” or “our lake”.

It’s personal with You & me. You woo me, teach me, guide me and restore me. You know just what’s bothering me and You call it forth so that I can lay it down.

You point to the One who fashioned and made both You & me, and I bow down to mystery … Christ in You & Christ in me.

I thank our God who is beyond imagining. I marvel at the One who created You. How amazing that the One who made You desires a personal relationship with a ‘speck’ like me.

Thanks, Lake! You are God’s messenger & my generous friend.

Lake Superior
Lake Superior ... where I gather stones and rest
Hay Lake
Lower Hay Lake ... where I've created through the many years at a log cabin
The Mighty Mississippi ... where I relax & enjoy sunsets with good friends
Clear Lake
Clear Lake, Iowa ... where I grew up and spent my childhood
Stay cool!
Marva Sheriff, Artist/Owner CREDO