Pondering the Upcoming Seasons
Pondering the Upcoming Seasons & Simple Math …

During the “season of Covid” we were forced to slow down, clear our calendars and wait. For many of us, this was a challenge, yet a blessing in disguise. When I was a kid, I was pretty certain I would have no use for higher math. I resisted those college prep courses! My oldest son once said “Math is God’s language”. This is so true and I appreciate those of you are gifted in this area. You make the world go round!

When I stop and ponder the Fall & Winter seasons ahead, I must admit I feel anxiety creeping in. Why? There are too many things to do, places to go and decisions to make! This is where my simple math comes in. It’s the simple math of adding and subtracting. As I add another “to do” to my list, I have found it helpful to ask God “what can I subtract”? Anxiety mounts when I keep adding and never subtracting. When I do this, I have no margins and it is so hard to keep centered on what is really important.

So what is important?
  • Time to be still and just sit
  • Time for quiet reflection
  • Time to give thanks
  • Time to pray and ask for God’s plans, not mine
  • Time to remember I am but clay; God is the potter
  • Time to be spontaneous
  • Time to listen to someone in need
  • Time to visit the lonely
  • Time to relax & enjoy my family
  • Time to take a walk with a friend
  • Time to jot a note of encouragement
  • Time to make music, time to create
  • Time to watch the snow fall
  • Time to celebrate Emmanuel, God with us
  • Time to just be …

In doing so, I am trusting that God will order my days and help me to make wise decisions about the upcoming holidays. The Thanksgiving menu, the Christmas decorating, the gift buying, the family gatherings, the holiday concerts & entertaining, etc. will all fall into place. Perhaps then the true JOY of the seasons will fill my heart and overflow to others, and God’s PEACE will be my gift to others. That is my hope for these days ahead.

Marva Sheriff

P.S. I find it easier to add than subtract ... how about you?
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