ThanksLIVING Pondering
Pondering ThanksLIVING …

Thanksgiving, my three sons favorite holiday, is upon us. And they are “traditionalists” to the nth degree! It is NOT a time to try a new recipe or change up the menu at our house. I must admit … the food is pretty much the focus. My mouth waters just thinking about this high caloric, flavorful and scrumptious meal!

I am not proud of keeping the food in the forefront. That’s why I like to ponder a lifestyle of ThanksLIVING. By that I mean every single day on this earth is a reason to give thanks. Life itself is sacred and miraculous! I try to remind myself, and those in my family, to be thankful to God, the Giver of life itself. God’s generosity & provision each day are undeserved. When I focus on all the blessings, my frustrations, trials and challenges are diminished and give way to a grateful heart. I believe a grateful heart honors our Creator and produces joy within. And a joyful heart can’t help but overflow to bless others.

God bless your Thanksgiving, 2021!
At CREDO we give thanks for you, our friends & customers often. Your support and interest are gifts we treasure.

Happy ThanksLIVING …
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