Pool & Wellness Center Update
The Pool & Wellness Campaign totals more than $2 million, and we need everyone joining together.
Families are stepping up to new giving levels and stretching to giv e major gifts. Young Lakesiders are also getting involved.
Pool & Wellness Site Study & Analysis - Friday, July 29
From 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Frida y, July 29, contractors will scrape the surface soil from the new Pool & Wellness Center location so that bedrock can be analyzed and studied in an effort to dev elop detailed plans and costs of the new facility. They will be able to study the bedr ock to understand the excavation work that will need to be completed in order to build the Pool & Wellness Center.
For the safety of Lakesiders, we will be placing a fence around the entire perimeter of the site. The fencing is needed to keep people safely off the exposed rock and to allow additional survey work during August. This preliminary work is a necessary next step in developing detailed costs, plans and timelines so a final decision can be made in the near future.
The following locations in Lakeside will allow individuals and families to continue to play sports, kick balls and throw Frisbees while this work is being completed: Cherry Park open space, the space west of the Lakeside Schoolhouse, Central Pa rk and the lawn areas west of the Pavilion.
Pool & Wellness Site Gathering - Saturday, July 30 & Saturday, Aug. 6
To learn more about the Pool & Wellness Center, all
are invited to the future site of the facility, located in the open field next to the Williams Tennis Campus at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 30 and Saturday, Aug. 6. Volunteers will help answer questions, share plans related to the future Pool & Wellness Center and report progress on the fundraising campaign and timeline. 

Race to the Pool - Saturday, Aug. 6
Put on your swimsuits and grab your floaties for
Lakeside's Race to the Pool on Saturday, Aug. 6. The one-mile route will start on Third Street in front of Hoover Auditorium and end at the future Pool & Wellness Center location on Sixth Street.
Registration begins at 9:15 a.m. at Hoover Auditorium, and the race will start at 9:45 a.m. There is no fee to enter, we only ask that a donation be given for each participant.
Blue Zones Speaker- Friday, Sept. 2                                                                                 
The Pool & Wellness Center will bring many recreational
opportun ities to Lakeside to live a healthier life. Mark your calendar for 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2 to hear nationally-renowned speaker Tony Buettner talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Tony, and his brother Dan, a National Geographic explorer, have led teams of researchers across the globe to uncover the secrets of Blue Zones - geographic regions where high percentages of centenarians are enjoying remarkably long, full lives.
We're All in This Together
We are all in this together and need your help immediately. Join the race and give a gift to the Pool & Wellness Center Campaign or pledge a multiple-year gift by contacting advancement@lakesideohio.com or (419) 798-5396. You're also invited to stop by the Legacy House at 217 Walnut Ave.

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