Residents at OMNI Senior Living Can Enjoy Ideal Pool Conditions All Year Long Thanks to Jacco and AAON

OMNI Senior Living in Seven Hills, Ohio, has a natatorium that residents
can enjoy year-round. To be at its most comfortable for residents while also operating cost and energy efficiently, OMNI needed Jacco's expertise.   

The natatorium utilizes a pool-style AAON unit to maintain temperature and provide dehumidification for the pool space. Jacco was able to implement a sequence that promotes energy savings by using outside air to dehumidify the space instead of running the compressors in wint er. The solution also provides a more cost-effective upfront cost because the unit no longer needs to be upsized to maintain 50% RH in the winter months when there is a call for mechanical dehumidification. With the sequence Jacco provided, they were able to modulate the OA damper to maintain the space's dew point below design and gas heat to maintain space occupant comfort.
Pool Unit Simple Sequence: 
Unit and supply and exhaust fans run continuously. 

  • Summer space RH will be based on 60%. 
  • Outside air damper opens to minimum position.
  • When return humidistat calls for dehumidification, compressor(s) maintain dew point.
  • Return temperature sensor modulates hot gas reheat to maintain space temperature. 
  • Winter space RH will be based on 50%. 
  • Summer/winter switchover is based on outside air temperature and humidity.
  • When return humidistat calls for dehumidification, outside air opens
    to allow more air across sensible heat wheel to maintain a mixed air dew point.
     Return air dampers modulate with OA dampers to maintain a balanced airflow across the heat wheel.
Click here to view Figure 1 -
Standard pool conditions would require the use of mechanical cooling for dehumidification in winter/shoulder months to maintain proper grain removal. (Blue Lines Represent Required Moisture Removal) 
Click here to view Figure 2 -  Jacco pool design with Implemented Sequence, modulating OA damper to maintain the MAT below space dew point for proper grain removal. No Mechanical Cooling Required!
(Blue Lines Represent Moisture Removal Required)
  • Return temperature sensor modulates gas furnace to maintain
    space temperature
  • A discharge air temperature sensor shall maintain a discharge air temperature and shall be reset by return temperature sensor.
  • When OA temperature and humidity allow, the heat wheel will turn
    off and allow 100% outside air.
  • Exhaust fan shall continue to run to maintain space pressure.
  • Demand control ventilation when CO2 exceeds specified levels.

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