Barclay Downs
Barclay Downs Members:

On the heels of Governor Cooper's mandate to keep North Carolina in Phase Two and require masks, we wanted to provide an update on how this affects Barclay Downs. Per AquaTech, the mask requirement will not be enforced at pools. However, the Board is requesting you wear face coverings when moving around the facilities (such as entering/exiting the pool area, visiting the restrooms, going to the snack bar, etc.). We all need to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Also, thank you to all who have cooperated with our policies during this time. Unfortunately, we continue to see members bring guests to the pool. While we hope to allow guests soon, please be respectful of the Club's No Guests policy. Guest fees will be added to members' account balances, and members who continue to violate this rule will be subject to Board review and their signup privileges revoked.

We appreciate everyone's feedback and patience as we continue to evaluate and strengthen our process.  We hope that our current process enables everyone who wants to use the pool to have the opportunity.

Please read the sign up carefully as there is a message from the board, AquaTech and the lifeguards.

If your plans change, please follow these instructions for deleting your slot(s) so others can enjoy the pool:

If you signed up with an account (using an email and password), log in and click the title of the sign up under the section for 'Items I've signed up for' to quickly view the option to edit/swap/or delete your sign up.  

If you signed up without an account, you can go back to the sign up by following the link that was provided in your original invite or you can go back to the confirmation email that was sent to you after you signed up. When you view the sign up, you'll see a link at the top that states, "Already signed up? You can change your sign up." Click that link to follow the steps to edit your sign up slot.  

Sign up for slots June 27-July 3
lease limit to 1 weekend slot (Saturday-Sunday) & 2 weekday slots (Monday-Friday).  Sunday's first block (12:30-2 p.m.) is unavailable to reserve due to a new member gathering. If you're a new member and didn't receive the registration link, please contact Kursten Callahan.

We are looking ahead to the Fourth of July. While we are unable to host our annual event, we will have blocks available with some games and surprises. 

As a reminder, please review 
our updated policies and guidelines  and discuss them with your family. All COVID-19 related updates and signup links for this week and next are available on our  website's homepage
We are all in this together and look forward to seeing you! Contact us anytime at
Barclay Downs Board