Dear FCC Pool Member,

I hope this email finds you well and your family safe and healthy. As I write this letter I know all of us are grappling with a situation that we have never dealt with before. We are all trying to cope with the pandemic the best we can and I know the profound impact it is having on many households. 

At FCC we continue to face challenges presented by COVID-19 and await action by the Governor that will permit us to open. Our number one focus is to get FCC ready to open as soon as we get the green light. In preparation, we are performing all necessary maintenance along with some exciting and needed upgrades!

These upgrades include:

*    New Tile and Coping for Main Pool and 5FT Pool
*    New drains in all three pools
*    New skimmers for Main Pool and 5FT Pool
*    Plumbing to permanently replace the need for the fire hose
*    New Main Pool Filters
*    Manicured sitting areas with umbrellas
*    Volleyball Court was converted to Pickle-ball Court
*    Bathroom improvements

These upgrades however, will not fix the long term problem with a very aged pool and facility. We continue to engage Springfield Township to negotiate terms that would allow the construction of a new pool facility at FCC.

We are excited about the upcoming 2020 pool season and hope you are too! In addition to the facilities improvements we plan to enhance our member experience by implementing and continuing the following operational changes this summer:

*    Permanent Early Access to the Baby Pool (you asked and we listened)
*    More Social Events including DJ’s, Movie night, Floatie night, & Happy Hours
*    Flat Screen TV on Covered Patio
*    Birthday Party packages
*    Reduced guest fees ($7 weekdays, $10 weekends)
*    Dedicated Bar area during peak times

We are all counting the days that we can get back to the pool with our friends and neighbors and hope that it is sooner than later. Our team is carefully planning how we will deliver a great experience while adhering to anticipated social distancing and safety guidelines that we can all expect moving forward. Look for more updates in the coming weeks as we prepare for a great 2020 season!

Many of you have reached out with questions. Here are some FAQs we put together about the opening of the pool in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update you as we have any additional information on these items.

Brian Halligan, General Manager  Pool Registration Click HERE
Just last night, the governor extended the stay-at-home order for Montgomery County to June 4. Once the stay at home order is lifted, we will continue to follow his color-coded 3 phase plan for the re-opening of our state. It’s similar to a traffic light: red for stop, yellow for caution, and green for go.

What Does This Mean For Our Pool? 
We are currently in the “red” meaning no large gatherings, so we cannot open.

We are planning to open the pool June 15th.

When will we hit green?
NBC10 reported, “Wolf’s reopening plan said a region or county will need to average fewer than 50 new positive cases of the virus per 100,000 residents for 14 days in order to begin moving out from under his statewide lockdown.”

Once we get the green light, our state will reopen and pandemic restrictions will be lifted, aside from federal or state health guidelines in place.

During an online press briefing, State Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine fielded questions about reopening summer activities, and said there’s nothing to suggest that COVID-19 is spread via pools, lakes or other bodies of water.

Will the pool open this summer?
As soon as we hit “green” we will be ready to open. It has been months of preparation. You should know that we, collectively with many other local private pools, are in contact with Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

Should I pay for my membership?
Yes! In order to be prepare in regards to staffing and inventory, we need a count of total members. Membership deadline is May 20.

What if the pool opens late?
We are planning to open the pool June 15.

If the pool opens later than June 15, please know we will prorate your dues according to the number of days/hours the pool is open each summer and subtract any time missed.

What if the pool doesn’t open?
You will receive a refund.