Volume 2 | June 2020
"Drain Won't Swallow, Call Apollo!"

June welcomes summer. Despite COVID and shelter in place, we will still celebrate our Dads & Grads along with delicious fresh cherries, peaches and apricots! Some of you know I have a small but prolific ranch of wonderful fruit and nut trees. If you have a home garden or fruit trees, I'd love to see photos of them and maybe swap fruit! Email me at info@apollodrainmodesto.com and let's connect!

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True Stories from the Trenches
“When a pipe leading from my pool to the pump got clogged. I called four pool repair companies and only one was willing to attempt to fix it. Their recommendation was to tear out all the concrete above the blocked pipe, unclog it, and pour new cement. I was horrified at the idea and the expense!" - James and Kelley Kelley MORE .
Wealth - Finding Happiness in a Three-legged Stool
I have heard tributes to health workers and truck drivers and others. Well, who are some of these "others"? I am reminded of a story I read in one of my trade magazines about the rebuilding of Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein. The writer commented that all the people wanted was the three things that are the legs of the stool that modern civilization sits on. MORE
Health - Building Your Immune System
While it is important to do things to be safe like washing your hands regularly, keeping social distance, etc., it is also important to keep your immune system active. As I understand it, too little exposure to the environment can also weaken one's immune system. MORE ...

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