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March 6, 2018
Still have that walkman? Yeah, me too. What about that old 33" record? Yup, same here! Saddle-shoes? Nah, but for all the fads you may have gone through, we have them here!

From grunge and punk to the fans of Elvis, let Global ImageWorks transport you to your pop culture past.

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All of these crazy trends couldn't have happened without the influence of music.

Music grounds a skateboarder when they reach the halfpipe, it inspires the inner punk in a classical pianist. For most people, music is key to living a fulfilled life. Music lets you create your own niche; your own atmosphere. 

Feast on Footage

As for now, kick it back with a Californian teen jamming to his boombox, or rock out to a group of rambunctious party goers slam dancing in an old 80's nightclub. Whatever is tickling your fancy today, let Global ImageWorks take you there.

Established in 2000, Global ImageWorks is a multi-service media business that licenses footage and photographs worldwide. GIW also provides a full range of Research, Rights and Clearance services. 

From pre-production to post, GIW can help you put the pieces together.

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