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A few weeks ago, I got an email.

It was from Bonnie Acker, a Burlington artist who has made an extremely generous donation to our Silent Auction for at least the last decade. This is what she had to say:

"It's an interesting aspect of life, how people become inspired by and devoted to some organizations. Years ago I happened to come up to your office on Church Street. Perhaps I was bringing-by some artwork. You were there with great cheerfulness.

Well, what struck me was that the entire place was just incredibly modest, a postage-stamp-size of a room, so simple. Ever since, I've known that the PTV is committed to putting every possible dollar towards projects out in the community.

You do wonderful, wonderful work, in many ways unique. So I never hesitate to try to help out.

Thank you again for your great work. These are such dark times and keeping local lights lit, wherever we can, we just have to keep on."

Bonnie continued to demonstrate her passion by offering to reduce the price on one of her spectacularly beautiful paintings from our auction that didn't sell to see if there might be someone out there who would enjoy supporting PTV as well as enjoy her art.

Within about an hour of receiving this email, I got a second email from Richard Arndt, a friend who has also made a significant and generous donation to PTV for many years: a week in his charming villa in Provence. Out of the blue, he offered a second week of his place in Provence to us. Why? Because like Bonnie, he believes in the work that we do to help keep the essential character of Vermont.

So in celebration of the work we do for Vermont communities, the holidays, and the passion of our donors and our friends, we are offering just these two items as a kind of Holiday Pop-Up Auction. Click on the links below for more information!


Meg Campbell
Auction Coordinator

P.S. The bids on these two items are only open for one week. All bids are due by 6 pm on Monday December 4th.

Autumn Expanse

"Autumn Expanse" Original Oil Painting on Linen by Burlington artist Bonnie Acker. Read More Here!
A Week in Provence

A Week in a Villa in Provence. More pictures and information here!
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