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The PopShop
The PopShop includes PopCom software that allows the operator to gain critical data about customers and customer traffic.

By Jeff Adair

Dawn Dickson has learned first  hand about the demand for automated retailing. She has also learned that for automated retailing to be successful, the machines need software that can deliver comprehensive information about customers and customer traffic.

At this month's NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas, Dickson will be demonstrating the automated retailing solution she has developed over the last several years.

Dickson got into vending in 2011 with a machine called Flat Out Of Heels, which sold flat shoes for women on the run. She placed the machines, which sold shoes for $20 and accepted credit cards, in airports.

Unlike most vending newbies, Dickson decided against using commercially available vending machines. Operating under the name  Solutions Vending International, she had a machine built to her own specifications.

Dawn Dickson
Dawn Dickson took it upon herself to improve vending software.
The mach ine got people's attention. Dickson started receiving requests from companies that wanted to use her machines to sell consumer products. 

While she recognized there was a demand for automated retailing, she was not satisfied with the vending software that was available.

The vending software available at the time only managed internal machine functions. Dickson felt it was important to measure how many customers came to the machine and bought from the machine. 

365 Retail Markets
Crane Payment Innovations
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has teamed with PayRange, a provider of mobile payment technology and consumer engagement solutions, to enable vending operators to maximize revenue through acceptance of all payment types, and to give consumers more payment options. 

" CPI is committed to delivering connected solutions that enhance our customers' profitability and growth," said Patrick Richards, product manager for Crane Connectivity Solutions.

The PayRange integration will increase the app-based mobile capabilities of CPI's connected payment platform. In addition to payment, PayRange  offers a marketing platform, data transfer, and configuration services via Bluetooth.  

OptConnect NAMA Booth 122

Imperial Company Upgrades TriTeq Locks To Include Remote Machine Monitoring
FreshTraq continuously monitors refrigeration equipment and allows remote control.
Imperial Company, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based micro market, vending, catering, corporate dining and coffee services company serving  Oklahoma,  Arkansas and Texas, has signed a multi-unit agreement with TriTeq Lock & Security LLC to standardize locking technology with remote machine monitoring. TriTeq is a provider of electronic locks and monitoring technology in vending and micro-market retail.

"The ability to see the temperature of refrigeration and the status of components is a huge advantage," said Craig Hunt, chief technology officer at Imperial, which added the FreshTraq temperature monitoring system with remote lock and key in 2017. 

FreshTraq Software

Reis _ Irvy_s machines
Reis & Irvy's machines will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.
Reis & Irvy's  frozen yogurt and ice ream machines will be the first mainstream vending machines to accept cryptocurrencies .

The Reis & Irvy's vending machines will be equipped with the capability to accept several types of cryptocurrencies including: bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. The first Reis & Irvy's machines will arrive at nearly 1,000 select locations across the United States this spring and summer. 

Customers will experience an  interactive 10-inch iPad touchscreen on which they may place their frozen yogurt and ice cream orders with a variety of flavors and toppings. At the checkout screen, customers will have the option to pay with cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet or cryptocurrency. 

NAYAX -NAMA booth 217

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