VOLUME 7 | July 31, 2020
Free Shipping Promotion

Greetings everyone,

Trails End is running another FREE SHIPPING promotion. Pay close attention to the dates and times -  From 8pm EDT Friday, July 31 to 8pm EDT Saturday, August 1, Trail’s End will offer free shipping on all Online Direct orders $30 and above.

Please pass this information on to all of your units and scouts ASAP. You could even suggest that units run an additional promotion of their own (for example - any scout that places an order during this event will be entered into a drawing for a gift card, etc).

I helped my son send out 10 personalized text messages to neighbors during last weekend's event and 8 of the 10 placed an order right away. It works believe me! Get creative and see what kind of excitement we can generate this weekend.

If scouts want to see their sales from last year, all they have to do is log on to  https://scouting.trails-end.com/ , go to "Wagon Sales" and change the drop-down menu from "2020 Selling Campaign" to "2019 Selling Campaign". Scroll down to the orders, click to see the customer name, and all the items they purchased.

As always, thank you so much for your help getting the word out and let me know if there are any questions or issues.

Bev Banks

Register Your Unit to Participate in the 2020 Popcorn Fundraiser!

If a scout wants to sell with Online Direct their unit needs to sign up for the popcorn sale. Make sure your unit is registered to get the latest updates.
Have Questions? Find and reach out to your district Popcorn Kernel below.
·        Baden-Powell:  Dave Broadhead
·        Conestoga: Jana Judge
·        Constellation:  Amy Giletto
·        Continental:  Tana Ullman
·        General Nash:  Beverly Banks

·        Lafayette:  Tina Arobone
·        Minquas:  Erin Cummings
·        Northern:  Lonce Scott
·        Roosevelt:  Eric Ekobeni
·        Triune:  Davena Taylor
·        Washington:  Judanne Jenner
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