VOLUME 5 | July 16, 2020
Online Direct Family Sales Training

Start selling popcorn now the safe and easy way to raise money for your Scouting Adventures! Join us as we walk you through the new Online Direct method. Scouts, parents and leaders are encouraged to watch.

This event will take place on Facebook live July 22nd, at 7:00PM on the Cradle of Liberty Council Facebook page.

In the first two weeks of online direct 30 Scouts sold over $8,400, so join us to learn how your Scout can fund their Scouting Adventure while social distancing.
Register Your Unit to Participate in the 2020 Popcorn Fundraiser!

If a scout wants to sell with Online Direct their unit needs to sign up for the popcorn sale. Make sure your unit is registered to get the latest updates.
Have Questions? Find and reach out to your district Popcorn Kernel below.
·        Baden-Powell:  Dave Broadhead
·        Conestoga: Jana Judge
·        Constellation:  Amy Giletto
·        Continental:  Tana Ullman
·        General Nash:  Beverly Banks

·        Lafayette:  Tina Arobone
·        Minquas:  Erin Cummings
·        Northern:  Lonce Scott
·        Roosevelt:  Eric Ekobeni
·        Triune:  Davena Taylor
·        Washington:  Judanne Jenner
Cradle of Liberty Council | popcorn@colbsa.org | 610-688-6900 | colbsa.org/popcorn