In this edition:

  • Earn an extra 2% by Participating in Key Leader Briefing in August
  • Camp Master System - usernames and passwords
  • Initial Order due by 1 pm on August 19
  • Tools and Information
  • Contacts for More Information
Thank You!

We would like to say "thank you" for signing up to be a Popcorn Kernel in 2020! If we have incorrectly listed you as the Popcorn Kernel, please let us know.

Our goal is to help you have the best popcorn sale possible. If you have questions, reach out to your District Popcorn Kernel or the Council Popcorn staff.

Due to ongoing pandemic, we will need to be creative and try different methods to reach our Scouting supporters. Through these Popcorn News emails and on our website, we will share new information and ideas as they become available.
Key Leader Briefings

If you are new to the popcorn sale, the Key Leader Briefing will give you the information you need to support your pack or troop sale.

If you have worked with the sale in the past, you still want to participate in the Key Leader Briefing because there are a lot of changes this year.

The Northern Lights Council is offering an additional 2% commission for sales when your unit has a minimum of two people participating:

  1. Popcorn Kernel
  2. One other leader (either the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster or Cubmaster)

These briefings can be attended in-person on:

Tuesday, August 4
  • Lakes District - St. Mary's Scout house, Alexandria
  • Northern Sky District - Center for Scouting, Fargo
  • Lake Agassiz District - Scout office, Grand Forks
  • Roughrider District - Chamber of Commerce, Dickinson
  • Great Plains District - Scout office, Williston

Thursday, August 13
  • Tomahawk District - Big 4 Scout Camp, Minot
  • Frontier Trails District - Scout Center, Bismarck

Sale materials will be available at the in-person locations for Unit Kernels to pick up.

If you can't attend in-person, you can participate via webinar. Use the links below to register for the webinar of your choice. Make sure to contact your District Popcorn Kernel or District Executive to pick up your unit's sale materials.
Camp Masters System

The council is still in the process of loading unit data into the Camp Masters popcorn system and setting it up for the 2020 sale.

Information about usernames and passwords for Unit Kernels will be emailed out ASAP, so you have time to place your initial order by August 19.

Right now, demo sites are available for Unit Kernels and Scouts to see what the popcorn system looks like this year. Links to the demo sites are available on the Council Popcorn page .
Initial Order Due by 1 PM on August 19

The Council will be placing the initial order in August for delivery to units on September 10-11.

To meet that distribution schedule, we need Unit Kernels to place the initial order for the unit no later than 1 PM on Wednesday, August 19.

The orders can be placed in one of two ways:

  1. Online, using the Camp Masters system
  2. Call in, to the Center for Scouting in Fargo

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we encourage units to be conservative with the amounts of popcorn to order for Door to Door Sales and Store Front Sales. The maximum amount of popcorn for units to order will be 65% of the unit's total sales in 2019.

  • District Popcorn Kernels and District Executives will have amounts for your unit's 2019 sale if you need that information
  • An "Initial Order Worksheet" is available on the council popcorn page for you to use to determine product quantities. Insert the 2019 total sale amount, the percentage you want to order and the worksheet will calculate suggested amounts of each product to order based on customer purchasing history provided by Camp Masters.

This year, to minimize being stuck with extra inventory, units might want to talk to their Scouts about doing more "Take Orders" or telling potential customers about online ordering and delivery options.

Tools and Information

We will keep the Council Popcorn page updated with the most current information and tools available for the 2020 sale.

Items that are available now on the include:

  • Popcorn Sales Guide for Unit Kernels
  • Initial Order Worksheet
  • Scout Sales Guide & Take Order Form
  • Pack & Troop Budget templates (submitting a budget and calendar by August 19 will qualify for an extra 2% commission)
  • Prize Order Worksheet
  • Unit Master Record
  • Unit Order & Settlement Form
  • Product Receipt - for Unit Kernels to use when giving product to Scout families
  • Links to Camp Masters information (popcorn system, demo sites, etc.)
  • Door Hanger template
  • Scout Upload template
  • Training Videos
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions
Contacts for More Information

District Popcorn Kernels

Oxcart Trails - Ben Smith
Lakes - Carrie Braaten
Northern Sky - Sandy Meyer
Lake Agassiz - Jasmine Hurley
Roughrider - Jen Eilts
Tomahawk - Shelly Zumbaum
Frontier Trails - Justine Meidinger
Great Plains - Brant Cartwright

For general sale questions and technical assistance, please contact:

(701) 499-0646 office
(218) 979-4653 cell

For assistance with orders, paperwork or prizes, please contact: (until August 31, when Terri will be retiring after 39 years)
(701) 499-0649 office (after August 31, Emilie will be the new support person)
(701) 293-5011 office

Council Popcorn Kernel - Steve Smith