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  • New Product from Camp Masters
  • Earn Extra Commissions
  • Jamboree Scouts can Participate
  • Sign Up Your Unit Today!

Scouting Volunteer,

We are sending this email because the unit you are registered in hasn't confirmed with us if the unit will be participating in the popcorn sale or not.

August 4 is the date of the first Key Leader Briefing and we don't want your unit to miss out on extra commissions.

If your unit is not planning to participate in the sale, please let your district executive know.
New Products from Camp Masters

Due to production/supply issues with our previous vendor, we will be working with Camp Masters in 2020. Below is the listing of the products that will be available:

  1. Chocolaty Treasures (tin) - $60 retail, $16.20 commission (27%)
  2. Cheesy Cheese (3-way tin) - $35 retail, $9.45 commission (27%)
  3. Chocolate Drizzle (bag) - $30 retail, $8.10 commission (27%)
  4. Movie Theater Butter Microwave (22-pack) - $25 retail, $6.75 commission (27%)
  5. Classic Trail Mix (bag) - $20 retail, $5.40 commission (27%)
  6. Supreme Caramel Corn (bag) - $20 retail, $5.40 commission (27%)
  7. Roasted Summer Corn Microwave (14-pack) - $15 retail, $4.05 commission (27%)
  8. Kettle Corn Microwave (12-pack) - $15 retail, $4.05 commission (27%)
  9. Sea Salt Popcorn (bag) - $15 retail, $4.05 commission (27%)
  10. White Cheddar Cheese (bag) - $15 retail, $4.05 commission (27%)
  11. Popping Corn (jar) - $10 retail, $2.70 commission (27%)
  12. Caramel Corn (bag) - $10 retail, $2.70 commission (27%)

There will also be a military donation option for customers that don't what any popcorn, but would like to support Scouting and the military.
Earn Extra Commissions

Units will have the potential to earn up to 33% commission. The base commission is 27%.

  • Key Leader’s Briefing participation = +2%
  • Submit calendar, budget and date of kickoff with first popcorn order = +2%
  • Achieve 5% growth in retail sales = +2% (units that didn't sell last year will automatically earn this commission)

There will be three options for participating in the Key Leader's Briefing - August 4, 13 or 18. The unit Popcorn Kernel and one other leader (CC, CM or SM) must participate.

Jamboree Scouts Can Participate

Scouts that have registered to participate in the 2021 National Jamboree at the Summit in West Virginia can participate in the 2020 Popcorn sale and earn 40% commissions.
  • Scouts must be registered to participate in the Jamboree and have paid the first deposit
  • For the purposes of the Popcorn sale, these Scouts will be entered into the popcorn system as members of the Jamboree Troop (separate from their regular troop).
  • Sales for Scouts participating in the Jamboree must not be recorded as part of any other troop sale
  • Jamboree Scouts will be eligible for the $3,000 High Achiever Prize and no other prize programs
Sign Up Your Unit Today

If you have any questions about the 2020 popcorn sale:

Use the "Register Today!" button below to sign up for the 2020 sale and then visit the popcorn page to select a Key Leader Briefing to attend.