In this edition:

  • Extra Commissions - Did We Qualify?
  • Webinars Scheduled
  • Door Hangers
  • Not Doing a Unit Kickoff - Please Read
  • Tools for Unit Kickoffs
Extra Commissions - Did We Qualify?

Key Leader Briefing Attendance

Attendance has been recorded and units that have qualified are listed on the popcorn web page. Reminder - the Popcorn Kernel and one of the following (Committee Chair, Cubmaster or Scoutmaster) needed to participate in the Key Leader Briefing.

  • Units that didn't qualify have one more opportunity to meet the requirements - view the recorded Key Leader Briefing no later than 9:00 am Monday, August 31. A link to the recording is on the popcorn website.

Unit Calendars and Budgets

We have recorded the calendars and budgets that were turned in by units and qualifying units are listed on the popcorn webpage.

  • Units that are missing one or both of the items have until 9:00 am Monday, August 31 to submit them to Darin Steindl.

Upcoming Webinars

There are two upcoming webinars for Popcorn Kernels:

  • Grow Sales with Credit Card Payments on Wednesday, September 2 at 6 pm (central)

  • Sales Techniques by Michael Beck on Tuesday, September 8 at 7 pm (central)

The webinar on September 2 will be recorded for those that are not able to participate live. The other webinar will not be recorded at the request of the presenter.

To register for either of these webinars, click the appropriate link below.
Door Hangers

After getting feedback during the live Key Leader Briefings, the council has ordered 20,000 door hangers for Scouts to use for the sale.

These door hangers will be given out free on a first come - first serve basis. If you want some, please submit a request ASAP before all 20,000 are spoken for.

How would the Scouts use the Door Hangers?

  • Example #1 - When a Scout is going door to door in the neighborhood and no one answers the door - the Scout would leave a door hanger with information written on the card - parent's phone number and the Scouts Camp Masters code. The customer could then call the parent to place an order or go online to place the order.

  • Example #2 - Parents are concerned about Scouts interacting with people. The Scout doesn't knock on the door, instead just leave a door hanger with information on how to place an order.

Door hangers that have been requested will be available to pick up on September 10 or 11 along with the popcorn the unit ordered. If your unit didn't order popcorn for delivery in September, contact your district executive to pick up the door hangers.

What if the 20,000 the council has ordered are already spoken for?

For the quantities that most units would need, the cheapest alternative would be to buy some door hanger stock from Amazon and print your own supply using the pdf file on the popcorn webpage.
Unit Popcorn Kickoffs

We hope that every unit is planning to conduct a Popcorn Kickoff - either in person or a virtual meeting.

Please use the link below to participate in a short survey (even if you weren't planning to have a kickoff).

We already have tools available for you to use at your kickoff - including slides from the Key Leader Briefing, goal setting forms for Scouts and a sales calendar for Scouts to use to track their progress towards reaching their goal. More items and videos will be added to the popcorn web page in the near future.

If you were NOT planning to do a Kickoff, but would welcome a district representative to do one for your unit, make sure to complete the survey below.

Much more information is on the council's popcorn page! It is being updated almost daily with new information. Make sure to visit on a regular basis!

If there is something you would like added to the popcorn webpage, please send your idea to Darin Steindl.