In this edition:

  • Popcorn Delivery Details for Next Week
  • Postcard Going out
  • Last Chance to Win $100! in the Popcorn Video Contest
Popcorn Delivery Details for Next Week

The good news is that the second delivery of popcorn is scheduled to arrive on time in Fargo and Bismarck on October 14. We will then breakdown the delivery and get the product out to your district for pick up on October 15 or 16.

Contact your District Popcorn Kernel to schedule a time to pick up the popcorn if your unit placed an order on September 29.

The bad news is, Camp Masters is experiencing a production delay on the Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn. They informed us yesterday, that item will not be arriving with the next shipment. They don't know how long the delay will be, but they will ship out that specific product to the council as soon as they have inventory available to ship.

Final Popcorn Order

We are still working on the details for the Final Order and those details can't be confirmed until Camp Masters has a better handle on their production issues. But we still are anticipating an order deadline around November 30 and delivery around December 9. As soon as the details are confirmed, we will send an email to you and also posted it on the popcorn web page.

There is a pandemic going on and Camp Masters and the Northern Lights Council is doing our best in difficult times.

Popcorn Postcard

By the end of this week, the postcard shown below will be going out in the mail to all registered Scouts in the council.
There are two purposes for the postcard:

  1. Encourage Scouts that are members of a unit that is participating in the sale - giving them some ideas that they might not have thought about.
  2. For Scouts that are members of a unit that isn't participating in the sale or isn't meeting right now - to give them the chance to sell on their own.

If a Scout registered in a unit that is participating in the sale, contacts the council about doing the sale individually, we will let them know that is not an option and direct them to their Unit Popcorn Kernel. Scouts will only be allowed to sell as individuals if their unit is not participating.
Last Chance to Enter the Video Contest!

We would like to hear what your unit is doing to have a successful popcorn sale in 2020!

Record a short video (3-5 minutes long) explaining what your units does. Some ideas would include:

  • How do you motivate the Scouts and Parents to sell?
  • What methods do you encourage Scouts to use? (for example - Store Front sales, Wagon Sales, Door to Door sales)
  • How do you make the sale fun for the Scouts?
  • Do you have any special prizes that the unit gives to Scouts for selling?

This is how the contest will work:

  • Units can submit a video no later than Thursday, October 8 by 10 pm (central)
  • Video submissions should be saved on Google Drive (use the button below to submit a video)
  • Up to four videos will be selected
  • We will then have a public voting contest to select the best video
  • The unit with the most votes will receive a $100 certificate to use for Scout Shop purchases or for paying the council for events, registration, etc.

Much more information is on the council's popcorn page. Make sure to visit on a regular basis!

If there is something you would like added to the popcorn webpage,
please send your idea to Darin Steindl.