In this edition:

  • Chocolate Drizzle - Available Next Week
  • Final Popcorn Order Details
Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn - Available Next Week

Camp Masters has notified us that the Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn is now available and our order will be loaded on Monday. We have not received the final details on when it will arrive in Fargo, but we will keep everyone notified as soon as we do.

Since this delivery will contain only a few pallets of popcorn, it is being delivered to Fargo first. Once it arrives, we will then:

  • Break down the pallets and load product to deliver to Grand Forks and Bismarck.

  • District executives in Roughrider, Tomahawk, Great Plains, Oxcart Trails and Lakes will pick up the popcorn from Fargo or Bismarck to bring back to the district.

All of this sorting and transporting will take some time, so we expect that unit kernels will be able to pick up product on Thursday or Friday next week (Oct 29 or 30).

Other popcorn products

In our last email, we offered units the opportunity to order additional popcorn to be shipped with the Chocolate Drizzle. The orders we received have been placed with Camp Masters and will be arriving on the same truck as the Chocolate Drizzle.

We have also ordered extra cases of many of the products to arrive with the Chocolate Drizzle. Unit kernels will be able to get more popcorn even if they didn't place an order after the last email.

As always, please contact your district popcorn kernel or district executive to make sure they have what you need and make an appointment to pick it up.

Final Popcorn Order

We have finalized the plan for the final order (pending any unforeseen circumstances). The new timeline for the remainder of the sale is:

Unit Final orders will be due no later than noon on Monday, November 16.

  • Unit Kernels can place the order in the Camp Masters online system OR call in the order to the Fargo office at (877) 293-5011

  • If you submit the order online and have a Scout turn in a late order, you can adjust your online order up to noon on November 16 (even if the council has already approved your order). Do not cancel an order and then re-enter it with new, adjusted quantities

Initial payment for Popcorn received in September and October is due on Monday, November 16.

  • Updated unit invoices will be emailed to the unit popcorn kernels by November 6

  • You don't have to pay for all of the popcorn - pay as much as you can, at least for the amount of popcorn that you have already sold

Prizes ordered need to be submitted by Monday, November 16.

  • The regular prizes need to be ordered online

  • The council bonus prizes require printed paperwork being sent to the Fargo office

Final payment for the popcorn sale will be due no later than Tuesday, December 29.

  • Final unit invoices will be emailed to the unit popcorn kernels by December 18 and will include any of the extra commissions your unit has earned (units keep the commission and pay the difference)

  • Units that do not make the final payment on or before December 29 will be assessed a 3% late fee

  • If your unit might have an issue paying on time - please contact us before the deadline

Much more information is on the council's popcorn page. Make sure to visit on a regular basis!

If there is something you would like added to the popcorn webpage,
please send your idea to Darin Steindl.