February 2021
Celebrating Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.

Pope John Paul II School Regional Catholic Elementary School celebrated Catholic Schools Week ( January 31 - February 6) with special activities to honor and celebrate our partner parishes, our community, our nation, our students and our dedicated faculty and staff. Click on the video below for highlights. We are PJP Proud!
Our School Logo: Rich in Heritage
Updated in 2017, the logo design was modeled after the school's patron saint, St. Pope John Paul II, whose papal crest contained an off-center cross and the letter "M" representing his devotion to the Blessed Mother. In addition, the "M"is reflective of the devotion and commitment of our IHM Sisters who served our school community for 113 years. The 3 stars represent our three original partner parishes: St. Peter, Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Joseph in Coatesville. Stars were also part of Coatesville Catholic's (CACES) logo. The flame represents knowledge and hope. The shield portrays the school's CYO moniker, the Saints, who defended themselves during battle. Finally, the school colors maroon and white were integrated and complemented with the color blue representing the three colors in the school uniform.
Note: Our Lady of Consolation Church in Parkesburg, Pa formally re-joined as a partner parish in January 2021.
**CACES Class of '96 Marks 25th Anniversary **
Let's take a walk down memory lane.....
Mrs. Mersereau and Mrs. Fedor,
8th Grade Teachers
Trip to New York City
Christmas Carol Night
Catholic Schools Week
Sr. Miriam Cotton, I.H.M. Principal
Graduation Party fun!
More fun.....
....and more fun!
Student Council
Teachers and Parent Volunteers
Kevin Hennessy, CACES '96

After graduating from Bishop Shanahan in 2000, Kevin attended and graduated from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He worked as a clinical pharmacist at the Coatesville VA Hospital from 2008 until 2018. In 2018, he made the decision to purchase The Compounding Pharmacist in West Chester. The pharmacy specializes in custom prescriptions for hormone replacement, dermatology conditions, thyroid issues and veterinary products. He recently partnered with a CBD company and launched his own brand of CBD products. He currently lives in Parkesburg with his wife Gina and their three children, Samantha, Charlotte, and Michael. Sam and Char attend PJP II Regional Catholic Elementary School and the Little Saints Academy. Kevin presently serves on the Pope John Paul II Board of Limited Jurisdiction, the PJPII Development Committee, the Bishop Shanahan Rugby Board and the Bishop Shanahan Facilities Committee.
What is one of your fondest memories as a student at Coatesville Catholic?

There are many great memories from my school days at Coatesville Catholic – CYO sports, the Christmas Nativity, bus rides from the Primary Building, outlining science chapters for Miss Riley, my long-lasting friendships with Mickey Herley, Mike Powell and Chuck Kulp and one of my favorite teachers- my mom in 6th grade. However, my fondest memory of Coatesville Catholic is walking from the Primary Building (the old St. Cecilia School) for a visit to the Coatesville Library. The best part of the trip was when we finished in the library, we turned right onto Lincoln Highway and walked to my grandfather’s pharmacy, Hennessy’s Pharmacy, for an ice cream treat.
How has Catholic School influenced your life?

Coatesville Catholic influenced my life by helping me to grow in my faith and to instill in me Catholic faith values. At CACES my faith grew through my daily religion classes, First Friday Masses, Stations of the Cross and the modeling of my teachers. I learned to give service to the school community, my parish, the Coatesville community through donating to food drives, altar serving, assisting teachers, setting up the summer stationery sale, helping peers and helping with the move to PJP II. I hope my children will enjoy their years in PJP II as I did at CACES. 
Teacher Spotlight
Mrs. Barbara Knezo, P'99,01,06
Techonology Coordinator and Teacher Grades 5-8
Mrs. Knezo began teaching at CACES/PJP II for the 1995-96 school year. This school year, 2020-21, marks her 26th year in Catholic Education.

How did you come to teach at CACES?

My path to becoming an educator in the Catholic school system was by chance.
Sr. Leo Mary, I.H.M. recognized my background from the yearly parental survey. I
had just chosen to leave the full-time workforce after the birth of my daughter. At that time,
I was a 20 year employee of Unisys working as a software systems analyst. 
My sons were in CACES as 2nd and 4th graders. I additionally was active in the H&S association as a board member. All the pieces fit! I began building the technology program from a few 286 processor PC’s located in the Junior High Nurse’s office to what we experience today. 

Why have you chosen to teach in a Catholic School?

I found that teaching in Catholic School was so rewarding in that my work directly affected the life of an individual. I love the sense of community. I pride myself on being able to interact with so many students, helping them grow to become life-long learners. Teaching in a Catholic School also allows you to be an example to others, to instill a love of Christ, and to be a steward to your faith.  

What is one of your fondest memories? 

I would have to say one of the fondest memories I treasure would be the ground breaking ceremony at PJP II in 2005. There were many years of struggle and uncertainty, not knowing if a new school would ever come to fruition. The school community banded together as ONE and many fundraising efforts later, we were granted the permission to build. Sr. Helen Loretta along with all the parish priests donned hard hats while Cardinal Justin Rigali blessed the ground. It was a day full of pomp and circumstance along with the bright June sunshine!

What is the biggest change you have seen during your teaching career?

One of the biggest changes I have seen in 26 years teaching technology would have to be in the methods used for the delivery of instruction and the increasing amounts of individual screen time. When I started teaching I would hear that keyboarding was taking away from handwriting.
Well fast forward a few years and touch sensitive screens hit the market. Keyboarding is out, tap and swipe is in. The point is that INNOVATION is the catalyst for change.

Is virtual schooling going as you envisioned?

At PJP II, we easily made the pivot to virtual learning last spring and continue to offer a virtual option for families with unique needs during the Pandemic. I think that process was made easier by our previous faculty and student training. We all focused on our abilities and the willingness to embrace innovation. We learned from one another. Our professional development for years has stressed technology integration. PJP II stepped up, we all have become believers in what can be accomplished by using a single Internet connection!

What continuing education practices do you personally follow?

Professionally, I utilize the wealth of information that the AoP technical coaches provide as well as the monthly IHM Education Newsletter. Before Covid-19, I would participate in the Connelly Foundations Summer Tech camps to learn all the best practices the diocese offers.

How do you keep your students motivated and engaged?   

I attempt to keep my students motivated and engaged by first listening to them. I like to build on what they already know. I often intertwine my lessons with business applications and use real life data. All the classes at PJP II discuss what constitutes good digital citizenship. We strive to
better ourselves with knowledge.  
Fundraiser Updates
Our inaugural Read-athon which took place during Catholic Schools Week offered students an opportunity to enrich their reading skills. In addition, students were eligible for individual, teacher, and classroom incentives for achieving certain reading and donation goals.  An amazing 58,008 minutes were logged by our students and over $30,000 was raised. Up next is our annual Dash for Cash set for May 10-11. More details coming soon!

If you would like to support our school with a monetary gift to the Annual Fund, please click here: https://givebutter.com/PJPIIFund. No gift amount is too small. Thank you for your support! All donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable laws.
Now Accepting Applications For 2021-22
Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is now open. Families interested in grades
PreK-3 to grade 8 can apply here. Parents interested in Little Saints Academy for infants and toddlers age 6 weeks to 36 months can apply on a rolling admission basis. For more information regarding our child care program, click here.

In-person tours are available for new families. Proper safety protocols will be adhered to and masks are required for all family members. To schedule your personal tour, please click here.