Poplar Creek Estates Newsletter
We are progressing to what I think is a most successful year here at Poplar Creek Estates. I would like to thank and note the efforts of each of your board members for their contributions to our community.

-Charlie Tygard, Treasurer: for his diligence in overseeing the collection of dues. This year we had 100% participation.
-Steve Dunn, Secur ity, Steve brought to the board the idea of security camera for each of our entrances and now he will supervise their installation.
-Wayne Plump, ARC, for a thankless job of keeping up with renewal projects and home maintenance concerns.
-Terry Scott and Joel Bunkowske, Covenants, Terrific work in shaping and updating our rules of order. Together, they are instrumental in the upcoming vote on changes to the covenants.
-Brian Donlon, Grounds, for spending,countless hours making sure that our common areas are kept clean and mowed.
-Diane Comer, Social, a great job of planning for our Easter and Family Picnic events as well as visiting all new residents.
-Cate Stricklin,Secretary, who has done an incredible job of publishing this and other newsletters as well as dozens of interim notices.

               Thank you to you all for your above and beyond contributions. I hope to see everyone at our November Homeowners meeting.
John Alexander, President
Treasurer's Report

Financial Report - Annual dues collected from 100% of residents for 2019. Legal action is pending on one resident due to failure to comply with payment terms.

Overall, the 2019 Budget is in excellent shape with revenue collections exceeding 100% and all expense categories within expected ranges. Tree cutting/removal only category exceeding budget and will need to be increased in 2020 as the neighborhood ages and more trees need attention.

Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for the annual meeting. We will discuss the budget for 2020 as well as cover other topics relevant to the neighborhood

November 7, 2019 at 7pm
Location: Harpeth Valley Elementary
Brush Pickup

The next brush pickup is scheduled for OCT 10th.

Please do not put your brush out for pickup more than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled pick up date.

Security Update: Flock is Coming

You will see some changes at the entrances to Poplar Creek Estates in the coming months. In an effort to make our neighborhood safer and to deter crime we have joined up with Flock Safety. We will have cameras installed at the 3 entrances of our subdivision. This will help deter potential crime as well as assist Metro Police in the event a crime occurs in our neighborhood.

Security Tips:
Did you know that MNPD has a list of "Dos" and Don'ts" to prevent home break-ins?

"Do watch your neighbor’s property and note suspicious persons and vehicles. Notify the Metro Police at 862-8600 and give a description: location, number of suspects, race, age, clothing, vehicle description and tag number. If it’s a burglary in progress, call 911. Keep watching and stay on the line."

Know your neighbors and have their mobile numbers. Communication is key! Check out the rest of the "dos" and "dont's".

W ant to be a part of the Security Committee? Email Steve Dunn at contactpcehoa@gmail.com
Emerald Ash Borer
The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a metallic green, invasive Asian beetle which feeds on ash trees. The EAB is attacking all species of North American Ash trees, and unless treated, it will kill all before 2026. No ash tree is immune to the devastating effects of this insect which has been in Davidson county since 2014. Learn what you can do.
Proposed Covenants Revisions Vote
The updated covenants vote has been set to take place in the Spring of 2020. Information will be given at the Annual meeting. This will be followed by informative meetings after the 1st of the year leading up to a vote in the Spring.
Yard of the Month Winners

Congratulations to our July and August Yard of the Month winners!
Going Digital

Want to be "in the know"? PCE is going digital with its communications. We want you to be informed. If you aren't receiving our emails, please sign up using the link below

Your Board

John Alexander (President), Charlie Tygard (Treasurer)
Joel Bunkowske (Covenants), Diane Comer (Social), Steve Dunn (Security), Wayne Plump (ARC), Brian Donlon (Grounds), Terry Scott (Grounds/ARC), Cate Stricklin (Secretary)

Need to reach a board member? Contact us at ContactPCEHOA@gmail.com