Poplar Creek Estates Newsletter
I am happy to report on behalf of our board of directors that things are moving along exceedingly well here at Poplar Creek Estates.

We had a very successful Easter egg hunt and a well attended Yard Sale. Now plans are being prepared for a Labor Day Family Picnic for our community. Food, games and music will abound. The board is presently looking at security systems for our three entrances. If they prove to be cost effective as well as efficient ,you will be hearing more about this in the future. Finally , later this fall, we will be presented with covenant changes and revisions. Everyone will have an opportunity to vote to improve Poplar Creek Estates.

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful, safe summer.

John Alexander, President
Treasurer's Report

Dues collection for 2019 exceeds 100% budgeted due to delinquent dues collection efforts. Two homes have been placed for collection with an attorney.

Expenses for the 1st 6 months are in line with budget with no accounts exceeding projections.

Neighborhood Family Picnic

Mark your calendars for the annual neighborhood picnic. We will have food, fun and games. Please join us and meet yo ur neighbors!

September 2, 2019 Labor Day at Noon
Location: Lower Autumnwood Common Area
Brush Pickup

The next brush pickup is scheduled for JULY 11th
Please make sure to not put your brush out until 2 weeks before the scheduled pickup.

Did you know you can sign up for reminders about brush pickup from Metro? Click here to be taken to Metro's email reminder setup. Link to Metro's pickup schedule.

Security - Video Doorbells

With the warm weather comes more people outside walking dogs, gardening or strolling our great neighborhood. It is also a time for unwanted solicitors and prowlers. While the last newsletter we discussed lighting as a great deterrent for the maliciously inclined, this newsletter we will touch on video doorbells.
Last year we decided to replace our original windowed front door with a solid entry door. I had increasingly become concerned that anyone at our door can see into the home and know when we were present. With the removal of the old door we also lost the doorbell wiring, leaving us with no doorbell at all. So we decided on video doorbell and it has become the best security feature of our home.
Metro PD encourages the use of video doorbells as they provide a level of security for your home at a reasonable cost. Ranging in price from $100-$300 they are surprising easy to install. They work with your existing doorbell wiring or they can be battery run for areas without wiring. Connected to your home WiFi, they can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection with a phone, tablet or computer.

-Easy to install, same level of difficulty as replacing a doorbell button.
-You can see who is at your front door at any time without even getting up from the couch.
-They have microphones so you can hear and talk to anyone at your door.
-They have night vision so you can still see without any lighting.
-They can operate as a motion detector, notifying you before the person can even ring the bell
-You can record footage of your choice for later review.
-They are an active deterrent as people with ill intent are more likely to move on when they see a video doorbell.
-Battery operated units can be installed virtually anywhere you want.

Worried about answering your door to strangers or solicitors?
Worried that delivered package might disappear from your door?
Worried about anyone approaching your front door without wanting to be seen?

These concerns can all be addressed by a cheap, yet effective, video doorbell.
Your Security HOA Team.

W ant to be a part of the Security Committee? Email Steve Dunn at contactpcehoa@gmail.com
Dogs on Leashes
Friendly reminder to please keep your dogs on leashes when they are not in your house or fenced-in yard. This helps to maintain a safe environment for all the dogs and humans to enjoy the neighborhood.
Proposed Covenants Revisions are Coming
As mentioned in previous communications, the Covenants Committee is working on revisions to the covenants to update them. We will soon be providing drafts of the covenants as well as a timeline of when we will be asking for feedback as well as voting.
Yard of the Month Winners

Congratulations to our May and June Yard of the Month winners!
Renovating your Exterior?

Exterior renovations require approval by the Architecture Review Committee (ARC). Click the button to access the submission forms.

Examples of work requiring approval: new fences, retaining walls, garage doors, she sheds, porticos, PODs etc. When in doubt, please submit a request.
Going Digital

Want to be "in the know"? PCE is going digital with its communications. We want you to be informed. If you aren't receiving our emails, please sign up using the link below

Your Board

John Alexander (President), Charlie Tygard (Treasurer)
Joel Bunkowske (Covenants), Diane Comer (Social), Steve Dunn (Security), Wayne Plump (ARC), Brian Donlon (Grounds), Terry Scott (Grounds/ARC), Cate Stricklin (Secretary)

Need to reach a board member? Contact us at ContactPCEHOA@gmail.com