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                                                                            Specials in effect July 27-Aug 1, 2017               
Pam's got DULSE!
The Bacon of the Sea? 
You Decide...

Our favourite red seaweed is rich in health benefits! And it's  a good source of minerals and vitamins compared with other vegetables. Do you think it tastes like bacon?

You can pan-fry it quickly into chips, bake Dulse in the oven covered with cheese, with salsa, or simply microwave it

Use it in soups, chowders, sandwiches, and salads, or add it to bread or pizza dough. 

Finely diced, it can be used as a flavour enhancer in meat dishes, such as chili. How do YOU like to eat Dulse? (we'd love to know!)


Local Produce in this week...

NB & NS Strawberries
Micro Greens NS New Potatoes
Beet Greens
Leaf Lettuce
NS Carrots
Lettuce Salad Mixes
NS Raspberries
NS Beets
NB/NS Beans
Ontario Peach Baskets
NB Wild Blueberries
Young New Potatoes
Ontario Corn
NS High Bush Blueberries


Healthy & Delicious Sides!

Not only are these super salads great for a quick lunch, they are the perfect choice as a side dish for your BBQ!

Have you tried our Mac & Cheese? How about our Kale Salad, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Broccoli Salad and more!  Fresh, House-made & Ready-to-Eat. Handy & dandy!

We're giving away another  Delicious Lunch for Two  at THE BOX.  If you're on our email list, you are always IN to WIN!  

If you're not on our list... sign up here or at the store (put your email address in our ballot box near the cash). Check out all our winners . Draw takes place August 17th.

See you at Cochran's,

Tim Cochran   

PS: Grab a couple of Avocados while you're here, for your sandwich, your salad, a nice dip or for making g uacamole (check out my excellent  Guacalmole recipe ). Enjoy!
This Week's Specials...





Back Ribs





Have you tried... 

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