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COVID-19 is top-of-mind for all of us right now, from mass cancellations of events and programs to emergency declarations at state, federal, and global levels.

As new developments about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continue to unfold, we must all stay focused on precautions to limit person-to-person contact and on sharing accurate, current, evidence-based information.

Experts from the University of Michigan School of Public Health are actively engaging with the media in order to provide a clear, accurate perspectives on what the World Health Organization Director General is now calling a pandemic.

In this special edition of Population Healthy, we are sharing many of the media headlines on coronavirus that feature expertise from Michigan Public Health.

Our school is maintaining a comprehensive list of informational articles about all aspects of COVID-19 featuring Michigan Public Health experts. We encourage you to read and share these resources as broadly as you are able throughout your networks.
In the News: Michigan Public Health Experts Talk COVID-19
Coronavirus, Kids, and School Closings: 4 Questions Answered

School closings—like the ones in Ohio, Oregon, Maryland, New Mexico and Michigan announced March 12—are often one of the actions that officials consider during outbreaks. Associate Professor of Epidemiology Aubree Gordon explains.

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Students, Faculty Talk Impact of Coronavirus Spread

After the confirmation of the first two cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan on Tuesday, The Michigan Daily reporters spoke to various faculty and students about their reactions to the spread of the virus.

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Social Distancing Is New Coronavirus Buzz Phrase

Howard Markel, Professor of Health Management and Policy, describes the benefits of social distancing and how it can help to spread the number of cases out over a period of time, helping hospitals from experiencing a large influx of patients.

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The Cost of Testing and Treatment of Coronavirus

David Hutton, Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy shares perspective on the public health benefits of implementing free coronavirus testing and the valuable information that the testing could bring.

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Should You Skip the Gym Because of COVID-19?

With close contact, crowded spaces, heavy breathing, and frequently-touched equipment, the gym might seem like a minefield for coronavirus infection. Aubree Gordon, Associate Professor of Epidemiology explains the precautions to take for gym-goers.

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You Can Pry March Madness from the NCAA's Cold Dead Hands

Chair and Professor of Epidemiology Joseph Eisenberg explains how the cancellation of large-crowd events helps to minimize transmission of outbreaks like coronavirus.

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R0: How Scientists Quantify the Intensity of an Outbreak

Chair and Professor of Epidemiology Joseph Eisenberg details the way scientists determine how much a disease will spread and how reproduction numbers are useful in public health.

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Epidemiologist Explains What We Know about COVID-19

What is coronavirus? Where did it start? What is social distancing? Chair and Professor of Epidemiology Joseph Eisenberg answers questions about COVID-19.

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Testing Is 'No. 1 Issue' to Resolve as US Combats COVID-19

Joseph Eisenberg, Professor and Chair of Epidemiology, details the complications of testing and how it needs to be resolved in order to staunch the spread of COVID-19.

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How to Boost Your Emergency Supply of Prescription Medicines

As COVID-19 begins to spread and sicken more people in the US, experts like Peter Jacobson, Professor Emeritus of Health Management and Policy, describes the importance of acquiring a larger supply of necessary prescription medications.

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Hand Sanitizer Is Selling Out but Soap Is Best Defense

People are stocking up on hand sanitizer, but soap and water is the gold standard for preventing disease. Christopher Friese, Professor of Health Management and Policy, describes the challenges of using hand sanitizer over soap and water.

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As Coronavirus Spreads, Should You Have More Cash—Or Less?

A bigger cash stockpile might give some people a sense of security, while others fear the bills and coins themselves will carry the virus. Emily Martin, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, explains how likely it is for the virus to spread on money.

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Why Deaths from Coronavirus Are So High in Italy

Why are deaths in the country so high? Aubree Gordon, Associate Professor of Epidemiology explains the intricacies of determining mortality rates and the factors that drive the rates.

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COVID-19 Information and Updates

Additional resources and media coverage on COVID-19 from Michigan Public Health.

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Disease Detectives: How to Track an Epidemic
Tracking epidemics—is it really like the movies portray? From legionella outbreaks to predicting this year's flu spread, hear from the real-life disease detectives who track down, predict, and help prevent the spread of disease. Listen as they tell the story of one of the first known disease detectives and guide us through ways in which human expansion and technology have impacted the spread of diseases and disease tracking efforts.
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