Porch View Dances. Photo by SVPhotography. Chor. by K and A Kaeja. Bodiya/Qing Family. 2017.
We are thrilled to announce that Porch View Dances (PVD)* is  returning  to the Seaton Village neighbourhood for the 7th year in a ro w,  in partnership with St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club! This time round Seaton Village porches have become a Toronto performance platform, welcoming participants from around our city.
July 18-22, 2018

Dance is for everyone and this year, we are 
B reaking. Down. Barriers.  

We are happy to introduce our FANTASTIC 
participants and choreographers!

*PVD was conceived by Karen Kaeja & developed with Allen Kaeja
A team of strangers who come from neighbourhoods all across Toronto (a PVD first!). This group of participants with diverse abilities are excited to unite in their shared love of movement, dance, and community!
Four housemates with multi-exceptionalities who love to dance together! They love to see art happening in the places that they call home and believe that creativity should have no physical boundaries & restrictions. We couldn't agree more!
Joining us again are Jim & Owen Adams, an Indigenous father/son team who are embarking on a PVD series exploring teachings from the Medicine Wheel. This year's theme will focus on the father/son relationship that embodies  the  Indigenous  values of  truth, love and respect.
Porch View Dances. Photo by SVPhotography. Chor. by A. Cummings. Jim & Owen Adams. 2017.

One thing that never changes - our Porch View Dances choreographers are always incredible artists! This year we are thrilled to be working with:  Andrea Nann with Michelle Silagy,  Kathleen Rea,  Karen & Allen Kaeja  and  Pulga Muchochoma  who will create our vignettes!
From top left: Andrea Nann, Michelle Silagy, Kathleen Rea, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Pulga Muchochoma


We are currently seeking our 
Street Squad  and very fun  Bike Squad
volunteers for Porch View Dances 2018.

Street Squad:  Street Squad members are responsible for guiding the audience along the PVD route through Seaton Village, as well as PVD ambassadors answering general questions from audience and passersby, handing out programs, c ollecting Pay-What-You-Want  donations and inviting the audience to participate in the Flock Lan ding finale.

Bike Squad:  On a bike, you'll be assisting Toronto Police Bike officers with guiding traffic around the performance, suggesting alternative routes for vehicles, biking ahead of the audience to ensure a clear walking route, answering inquiries from members of the audience as well as those driving by, and distributing flyers to curious passersby. Must have your own bike.

All volunteers receive: 
  • "Dance With Me" T-shirt
  • A chance to witness rehearsals and meet our amazing choreographers
  • A final pizza party with the whole cast!
Ask our PVD Producer,  Beata ( urban@kaeja.org),  for more  info.

Kaeja d'Dance | kaeja@kaeja.org | 416.516.6030 | kaeja.org