Join us next week in our neighbourhood of Seaton Village, for Porch View Dances! Our fifth year promises to dazzle with new choreography by: Karen Kaeja & Allen Kaeja (Kaeja d'Dance), Barbara Bourget & Jay Hirabayashi (Kokoro Dance), and Kate Alton (Crooked Figure Dance). Be moved by the families' performances and dance with us in our traditional Flock Landing finale in Vermont Square Park.


Need more convincing? We were featured in BLOG TO's Top 7 Outdoor Dance Parties to check out this week! 

when: July 13-17, 2016  
where: 727 Markham St (North of Bloor, 1 Block West of Bathurst Subway Station) is our starting point.   
time: 7 PM (4 PM on July 17th) 
price: pay-what-you-can 

How to know if Porch View Dances is a go: 
Each day at 6 PM we make a call as to whether or not the weather will rain us out! If it's a slight drizzle - we'll go ahead - anything more, and we'll probably cancel! Check out our Facebook event for updates on the weather is questionable, each night at 6 PM.

Our fearless tour guide, Maurycy, is back again to take us on a wonderful journey through Seaton Village with mysterious stories of the neighbourhood. Invite your friends, family, coworkers, pizza guys, and anyone else to come see Porch View Dances next week.   

Tips and Tricks to Enjoying Porch View Dances: 

*Please Note: Public washrooms are only available at the end of Porch View Dances in St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club beside Vermont Square Park. Please plan accordingly.

Meet Our Performers and Choreographers:

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Basecamp Climbing Special: If you bring your Porch View Dances program to Basecamp Climbing on Bloor St, you will get 20% off an Intro to Climbing Lesson or a Monthly Membership.

July 17th: At Christie Pits Park after the show, head to the park to see an Oscar-Nominated film " Mustang" at the Christie Pits Film Festival.   


Time: July 9th, 2016 * 1:30 - 5:30pm
Where: Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor (805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2X4)
Fee: $50, CADA Discount Available.  
Registration: Email or call 416-519-6030 now! Facebook

This four-hour workshop is an introduction to Kokoro Dance's approach to butoh training. Butoh is a Japanese dance aesthetic that began in the late 1950's through the work of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. It is a radically different understanding of how meaning is derived from movement as it is grounded in the conviction that we each have our own original way of moving. Butoh is the search for your own movement expression. Common to most butoh practice is the use of imagery to motivate exploration of how your body uniquely responds to express meaning.
In this workshop, after an initial physical warm-up period, we will begin by learning how to understand what the butoh body is. We will change how we carry our bodies by changing our understanding of what our body is. We will change our sense of time and space by entering into a different understanding of time and space by paying attention to negative space and time, the space between events instead of focussing on the events themselves. We will explore how a string of non-narrative images can transform into meaningful choreography.
About Kokoro Dance
Founded by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi in 1986, Kokoro Dance has since created over 190 dance works and presented over 1,000 performances in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Argentina, and the United States. In 1998, Kokoro Dance initiated the Vancouver International Butoh Festival that evolved, in 2000, to become the Vancouver International Dance Festival that annually presents Canadian and international contemporary dance artists in performances and workshops during a three-week period in the month of March.




Karma Food Co-Op is another one of our amazing Community Partners for Porch View Dances in Seaton Village this year! They will be hosting our Thursday, July 14th, 7pm performance! It is especially exciting to have Porch View Dances going down Karma Lane as part of this year's Laneway Edition.

For over 40 years, Karma Co-op has been a one-stop shop for the conscious consumer. Located in Toronto's Seaton Village, we are a member-owned coope rative food store specializing in organic, local and fair trade products. Fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables; organic meat, eggs and dairy; an extensive bulk department; environmentally friendly health and beauty supplies...At Karma, you'll find everything you need! Membership here comes with benefits, but you don't have to be a member to shop!

Visit: for More Info!


Park People is another one of our wonderful Community Hosts for Porch View Dances in Seaton Village this year! They will be hosting our Sunday July 17th, 4pm performance! Please join us in welcoming this wonderful community organization to Porch View Dances!

Park People is hosting free, family friendly movies in parks all summer long. Join us at one of 10 parks for fun pre-shows and blockbuster movies that bring together communities and pa rk friends groups. Feel free to bring along a camping chair, a blanket, and a picnic to enjoy on the grass before the film begins. All pre-shows begin at 7:30pm and the movies begin at 9:00pm.



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