April 30, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here's a short update with a few great May opportunities for you, beginning with the incredible new RAGBRAI documentary film, which can be viewed May 5-6 at Des Moines' Varsity Cinema! (May 4 is sold out.) Click "About SHIFT" below for a summary of this amazing chronicle of the biggest bike ride in the world and what it means to Iowans and to riders from everywhere.

About SHIFT, The RAGBRAI Documentary

Tickets to SHIFT Screenings at the Varsity

in Des Moines

P.s. At RAGBRAI.com, you'll find a screening in Lansing, Iowa on May 11!

Payment Deadline for

RAGBRAI Services of PBV

Please keep this date in mind: May 15th. If you have an unpaid balance with us for RAGBRAI services (shuttles, support, or any service), we will expect to have received payment by May 15th.

In the past, we've been really easy about this payment deadline. This year, however, we absolutely need to know our numbers. So we will CANCEL unpaid applications at some point after May 15th.

You can mail a check to this address and save around 3% on credit card processing: PBV LLC, 412 Forest Glen Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503.

Or you can login and pay your balance by credit card. Let us know if you need help with your login credentials.

Exciting News: 

Updated Pork Belly Mobile App!

Our PBV mobile app is being updated and you’ll have access very soon! We’re excited about the improved technology and new design. You can expect the same functions and content, and we believe you’ll find the navigation throughout the app much easier.


We are migrating our app to a new technology and have made some design changes in the process. We expect to be live with our updated app by May 9th or sooner. 

Please know that depending on your phone type, access will require the following:

1)   iPhone users: The PBV app will simply be an “updated version.” For some iPhone users, you’ll see the new version automatically. For others, you go to the App Store and tap

Open/Update, and you’ll be downloading the new version!

2)   Android users: The PBV app will be a “new” app. This means you will need to go to Google Play and download our new app when it's available.

Here is a sneak peek at the updated PBV app! We’ve moved important app functions to the home screen to make it easy to find key communications from Pork Belly Ventures. 

Many thanks to Katy Fletcher of Doxieworks for creating our app and for always adding functionality for us and our riders!

Please stay tuned!

Birds & Bees,


A Glorious 5-Day Pedal

with PBV Support

on our Favorite Trail,

the Wabash Trace,

beginning in

Council Bluffs, Iowa!

May 18-22, 2023

YOU Can Still Join Us!

The Whole Scoop, Birds&Bees!

Sign Up Here

Today, we have sent all the details

to registered Birds&Bees Riders!

Birds & Bees is a 5-day ride on the beautiful Wabash Trace Nature Trail, and riders can visit three states on one long weekend... cross the river from Nebraska on the Bob (pictured above, photo by Joe Shearer of the Council Bluffs Nonpareil), pedal south through into Iowa, and if you have the mojo for an extra 45 miles, touch the Missouri State Line on Sunday! We include your trail user fees, your morning coffee, baggage transport, and a hot shower with a towel at the end of each day's ride. Expect live music on our stage both Saturday and Sunday, plus marshmallow-toasting over a bonfire when the sun goes down. You'll have the chance to order breakfasts in camp and other optional meals.

ABOVE: This photo was taken on April 24, riders crossing the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge from Nebraska to Iowa, as our Birds & Bees Riders will do on May 18th!

On average, this ride is 22 relatively flat rail-trail miles per day. You can make it even easier with our rental tent service or a PHAT Room, your little cabin on a semi-trailer.

BELOW: PHAT Rooms are still available on Birds&Bees!

News Flash #1: Jimmy Weber will perform with his band on the final night of Birds&Bees! This Nashville musician has performed for us during RAGBRAI, and we're thrilled that he'll be with us in May--solo in Shenandoah, and with his band on Sunday night in Malvern!

News Flash #2: Our RAGBRAI Friends are hoping to join us for Birds & Bees. Yes, Anne Lawrie and Matt Phippen, the RAGBRAI leadership team, are trying to squeeze us into their busy RAGBRAI season! If they can make it, they'll take some time to answer your questions about RAGBRAI.

RIGHT: Matt Phippen, Ride Director at RAGBRAI HQ.

BELOW: Anne Lawrie, Director of Ventures Endurance Cycling Division, (and me) at the RAGBRAI route announcemnt party in late January.

News Flash #3: The trail is greening up! This may not be news. Things usually green up in April, but isn't it nice to see?? Come May 18, it will be an emerald tunnel.

BELOW: Malvern is known for public art, and this installation casts afternoon shadows on the Wabash Trace.

Just today, we have sent out the maps and our rider questionnaire for all Birds & Bees riders! Don't miss this lovely spring trail ride.

Sign Up Here for Birds&Bees!


from Folks with Pork Belly Ventures

Rotator Tiger Recumbent for Sale, $1000

I’m riding this bike on RAGBRAI L, so it will be available for transport at the end RAGBRAI. I may be able to deliver if you’re on my drive back to Albuquerque, NM. Custom built for me: 5’10” but will probably fit 5’8” – 6’0”. Also includes rear storage bag, flag pole, bell, VDO cycle computer (speed and cadence), water bottle cages, air pump, and some spare parts. For more on components and details, contact Joel via Tammy@pkbelly.com

Please Set Up My Tent! I'll Pay!

Geriatric RAGBRAI bicyclist with PBV seeking strong pair of hands to pitch/strike tent and lug luggage in afternoons and mornings during RAGBRAI. Will pay or make donation. Contact Jane via tammy@pkbelly.com.

Four Fabulous Days of

Cycling in the Wild West!

Here's a June adventure on one of the MOST SCENIC rail-trails in the country, presented by Pork Belly Ventures!

  • June 25-29
  • Deadwood to Edgemont, South Dakota
  • 15-44 trail miles per day
  • Afternoon excursions to Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park!
  • Beautiful campsites!
  • The Mickelson Trail, with high trestle bridges and ponderosa pine forests!
  • Plus the support you expect from Pork Belly Ventures!

For all the details:

Black Hills Hundred Invitation!

What's Coming Next

on RAGBRAI from

Pork Belly Ventures?

RAGBRAI End-Town Parking Info: we have visited all the overnight towns except one. When we are invited to visit Davenport, we will provide you with info on long-term parking and the location of our staging area for the East/West Shuttle.

Your Details Form: This may be delayed just a bit, due to circumstances beyond our control. We'll be inviting you to complete this form soon. It's our way of collecting important info from our riders so that we can serve you better. We know that you want to choose your departures, friends. Please hang on. We hoped for April. It will be May.

In June, expect Your June Letter from PBV, aka your travel guidebook! It will answer every question we can think of AND walk you through the first day and the whole week of RAGBRAI with PBV!

In late June, we hope, we'll send everybody's favorite update: Our Week in the Corn. This one is filled with the good stuff--our food vendors in camp, our dinner menus, our entertainment on Pork Stage each night. It's a day-by-day preview of everything we're planning for you!

In July, we'll send your PBV Host-Town Maps, showing our campsite locations, amenities in town, and more. Last week, we got started on the maps with our friendly Pork Cartographer Bob Rebach! Thanks in advance, Bob!

Please stay tuned!

Trumpet Chick!

If you're a frequent listener to Just Go Bike! podcast, you already know that Iowa Girl Alicia Rau will be back at RAGBRAI, tooting her horn, for the first time since 2019. Take a listen right here:


Alicia will also be staying with us in Pork Camp, playing something wonderful at every sunrise and Taps at every sunset. We love ya, Trumpet Chick!!

Hope you can take advantage of one or more of these May Opportunities, friends, and we hope the reminders are helpful! We'll be on your screens again soon. Until then, we remain,

Your friends,

Tammy and Pete

Pork Belly Ventures LLC 

Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com

Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com