Fall/Winter, 2022

Dear Friends,

You're receiving this note from Pork Belly Ventures because of your inquiry about our PHAT Rooms.

Waiting List for RAGBRAI

PHAT Rooms

Unfortunately, we have a very long waiting list for our PHAT Rooms on RAGBRAI, and in fact, we have not yet been able to offer a room to folks who requested in 2018.  Next year is extremely unlikely, and the average wait is three to four years.

Still, if you would like us to add your name to the waiting list, reply to this email, please.


For future reference, here is some general information about our PHAT Rooms:

  • 8' X 10' rooms with 9' ceilings
  • knotty pine interiors
  • door and window in each room
  • air-conditioning unit in each room
  • laminate flooring
  • mattresses, linens, pillows, blankets
  • switched lighting
  • electrical outlets
  • small deck with two folding chairs
  • midweek laundry service included
  • light housekeeping daily
  • bottled water on ice in your room daily
  • 2-3 kybos near our PHAT trailers
  • Rooms can accommodate 5 occupants (if you put a twin trundle on the floor).  We suggest 2-3 occupants for greater comfort and storage of your belongings.
  • There is no baggage limit for PHAT rooms.  Your bags stay in the room all week, and you don't have to pack up each day like everyone else on RAGBRAI.  Still, it's smart to pack carefully and consider the size of your room.

PBV has two room types.  On four trailers, we have the twin-bed room design shown above at left, with two upper twin bunks, one lower twin bunk, a sofa which can be used as a sleeping berth, and the potential for a twin trundle on the floor of the room, which would stow under the lower bunk.  On two trailers, we have the queen-bed room design shown above at right, with one queen bunk above a lower queen, and the potential for a twin trundle on the floor of the room, which would stow under the lower bunk.  If you are offered a room, it's wise to take it regardless of the room type.  Once you have a room, we can work on getting you into the type you prefer, but this could take a year or two.

RAGBRAI Pricing and Terms

Each room is $3600 for the week of RAGBRAI. PHAT Room occupants may use their room on the Friday prior to RAGBRAI at no additional charge.  

For the right of first refusal on your room the following year, room occupants make a tax-deductible donation of $200 in December to the charity of our choice.

Those who decline to make the charitable donation in December have relinquished their room for the following year.

There are a few rules regarding PHAT Room use: no smoking in the rooms, no allowing others to use your room for baggage transport, no personal vehicles with our charter, etc. These rules are deal-breakers.

We thank you for your inquiry about our PHAT rooms on RAGBRAI.  Please reply if you would like to be added to our (long) waiting list.  Do remember that the rooms are typically available at much lower prices on other rides we serve.


Tammy and Pete
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 808-375-8921 c, tammy@pkbelly.com
Pete: 402-681-2613 c, pete@pkbelly.com