April, 2020
NEW Support Services
Available on
Garmin Dirty Kanza

For the first time, the amenities of Pork Belly Ventures are available to riders of Garmin Dirty Kanza this September. After paying a visit to Ken at the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Emporia, we at PBV are preparing to do what we're known for all over the Midwest: we add comfort, convenience, and fun to every cycling event we serve.

Please review our support services below, and feel free to sign up, using the link below:

The link above allows you to create an account (login), and then
select Garmin Dirty Kanza
from our list of events
to peruse the support services of Pork Belly Ventures.
DK Racers can join us at the fairgrounds, less than two easy miles from the starting line, for any one of these options...

1) Rent a Room on
a Semi-Trailer
Limited Number Available, Fairgrounds Fee Included

$525 per room
(Thu-Fri-Sat nights)

This is *glamping, not camping, and it's the best way to enjoy the ride atmosphere and yet get a great night's sleep in A/C. For those who rent a room for DK, we include our hot and private showers and our fresh-brewed morning coffee. Linens, blankets, pillows provided. Convenient electrical outlets and switched lights in your room. The optimum number of room occupants is 2 or 3. Here's a video on our PHAT rooms:
We call them "PHAT Rooms," because they're P retty H ot a nd T empting.
*Mattresses, sheets, pillows, and blankets are provided; air-conditioning keeps the rooms cool. Other features: laminate flooring and knotty pine interiors, electrical outlets and switched lighting; shelving and wall hooks for convenient duffel and clothing storage; an outdoor deck with chairs; locking storm doors and windows. Room dimensions are about 8' X 10' with 9' ceilings and rooms can accommodate one to five sleepers. (We suggest 1-3 as the optimum number of occupants in a room. If you plan on 4 or 5 occupants, check with us about adding the comfort package for the 4th and 5th occupants.) The trailers will be located near our showers, our coffee trailer, and restrooms. Each trailer has five 80-square-foot air-conditioned guestrooms on board with hotel-style amenities. Two of our trailers feature two queen-sized beds bunked one above the other and an optional twin-trundle. All other trailers feature three twin bunks plus a sofa, with an optional twin trundle (pictured above).
2) Use Our
Rental Tent Service
Fairgrounds Fee Included

$140 per Rental Tent
Single Occupant
(Thu-Fri-Sat nights)

$170 per Rental Tent
Double Occupancy
(Thu-Fri-Sat nights)

This service takes the labor out of camping. Before Garmin Dirty Kanza begins, we'll set up a 60-sq-ft rental tent for you, complete with ground cloth, rain fly, an air-mattress for each sleeper, and your own address card. Tent-renters are entitled to our hot and private showers, our fresh-brewed morning coffee, and our phone charging trailer.
These photos are not recent. Given concerns about social distancing, rental tents will be spaced appropriately.

Our Alps Lynx 4 Rental Tents are 8.5' X 7.5', with room for four sleepers, as indicated in the manufacturer's diagram at right. Use by two sleepers will allow space for duffels inside the tent. It's a roomy tent for a sole occupant.
3) Take Our
Comfort Package
Fairgrounds Fee NOT Included

$25 per person
(Noon Thurs to noon Sun)

If you'll use your own tent or RV at the fairgrounds, this package includes your daily shower, use of our phone charging trailer, and your morning coffee, plus our shady social zone with canopies and chairs, music and more, all right in camp at the fairgrounds.
Those who rent our PHAT rooms, rent our tents, or take our Comfort Package will be welcome to hang out in our Social Zone (like the one pictured above). We'll have tunes on the PA and live entertainment one evening. We're working on food vendors, too!

4) Walk-up Showers

$7 per use
$1 towel rental

Our portable, air-conditioned shower trailers provide hot water on demand. Every shower stall has a liquid soap dispenser and its own private dressing area. Stalls are cleaned after every use.
Any camper who has already reserved space for tent-camping or RV-camping at the Lyon County Fairground still has a confirmed reservation. Ken will have his shower set-up available, same as before.

For those who use the PHAT Rooms or Rental Tents of Pork Belly Ventures, your stay at the Lyon County Fairgrounds is included, along with Pork Belly Ventures showers and the other amenities, described above.

The Pork Belly Ventures Comfort Package purchased by itself will still require arranging camping directly with Ken at the Lyon County Fairgrounds:

Contact Ken, 620- 343-5347
(phone calls preferred)
You can sign up for lodging and support, using the link below:

The link above allows you to create an account (login), and then
select Garmin Dirty Kanza
from our list of events
to peruse the support services of Pork Belly Ventures.
Twenty-seven years ago in our home state of Iowa, we started out on RAGBRAI, the largest weeklong bike ride in the world. By custom-building equipment and creating new ways to please cyclists, we have expanded to serve well over 20 outdoor rides and events every season. Pork Belly Ventures is owned and operated by Pete Phillips and Tammy Pavich of Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Questions? Contact either of us, and we'll see you in Emporia in September.

Pete: pete@pkbelly.com, 402-681-2613 c
Tammy: tammy@pkbelly.com, 808-375-8921 c
Pork Belly Ventures LLC 
Tammy: 712.328.0161 h, 808-375-8921 c, tammypav@cox.net
Pete: 712-328-6836 h, 402-681-2613 c, petephillips@cox.net|