Project Highlight:

Canaveral Locks East West Guide Wall Repair

Canaveral LocksLocated on the Barge Canal, which links the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River in Cape Canaveral, this is a very challenging marine construction project currently in progress for the Army Corps of Engineers. Marine construction methods involve tugboat and barge platforms that allow the RUSH project team to complete demolition and reconstruction on the water. 


Workers are in the process of removing approximately 600 feet of old creosote and pressure treated pilings on the west and east side of the Barge Canal locks system. These will be replaced with 16" fiberglass concrete filled pilings, along with a newly remodeled walkway. 

RUSH Celebrated its 31st Anniversary this Month!
"Building with integrity since 1984."

Eduardo Rabel, Founder of RUSH, 1984
RUSH has been awarded a Construction Management at Risk Services for Continuing Service Contract by the Canaveral Port Authority!

This means that  RUSH has been selected to the pre-approved pool of contractors designated for future construction projects at Port Canaveral.
The Heart of RUSH: Our People

Scott Jenkins, Project Superintendent:


Scott Jenkins, Project Superintendent When Project Superintendent Scott Jenkins joined RUSH Construction in January, 2014, he had already been aware of the company's outstanding reputation for several years. One of his most memorable moments at RUSH was actually in those first few days, when Mike Lapinski (Senior Project Manager) and Paul Stewart (Director of Safety and Quality) welcomed him to the team. "It's a profound feeling to know that you're becoming a part of something truly great, and that every effort put in will be rewarded with integrity and care," said Jenkins.


"Just three weeks into the job, my wife's father passed away," continued Jenkins. "Incredibly, they made sure I took all the time I needed and told me not to worry. This is a family company, and they take care of their own."


RUSH, as a company, understands that it is only as good as its people. Scott mentions being impressed when after a few months at RUSH, the founder, Ed Rabel, and the president, William Chivers, visited him personally to  make sure he had all the support that he needed. "That sort of genuine interest and support from upper management is something that you just can't fake," said Jenkins. "If you want a powerful source of motivation for employees in any company, you could definitely look there."


A favorite RUSH project of Scott's involved building a 100,000 gallon water tank for Lockheed Martin. "I had a lot of fun on that project," said Scott. "Another interesting project that I'm currently working on is the Canaveral Locks East West Guide Wall Repair. This is a very challenging marine construction project that involves demolition and reconstruction on the water, which is a very different and unique experience, to say the least."


Although he was born in Georgia, Scott spent most of his life in Fort Lauderdale. A Floridian at heart, and lover of the outdoors, he spends his free time fishing, hunting, surfing, and riding his Harley Davidson.


Scott's Favorite Quote: "Except in the middle of a battlefield, nowhere must men coordinate the movement of other men and all materials in the midst of such chaos and with such limited certainty of present facts and future occurrences as in a huge construction project . . . . Even the most painstaking planning frequently turns out to be mere conjecture and accommodation to changes must necessarily be of the rough, quick and ad hoc sort, analogous to ever-changing commands on the battlefield."

- Judge Kern in the case of Blake v. Coakley


"Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success."

- John Hays Hammond