Port District Newsletter
July 2018
Unit-Priced Public Works Contracting
Effective June 7, all port districts are authorized to use unit-priced (“on-call”) public works contracts. So what does this mean for ports, and what are the requirements? We’ve written a new webpage to explain . Read more

New Port District Resources Webpage
MRSC has created a new page just for port districts! The page includes information for port commissioners, purchasing and contracting, transaction of business, budgeting, promotional hosting, and more! Read more

Search for Sample Port District Documents
As MRSC continues to add various types of port district documents to our Sample Document Library, we’ve also developed a custom sample document search tool just for ports. Search for sample documents

New Public Works Bid Limit for Ports
Effective June 7, port districts now have a $40,000 bid limit for public works projects. This means competitive bidding is not required for projects under $40,000 and port districts can seek bids directly from individual vendors. For more information, see our tool Find Your Contracting Requirements.

Salary Increases Effective July 1 for Port Commissioners
By Toni Nelson
The salaries for many special purpose district elected officials are adjusted for inflation every 5 years by the state Office of Financial Management. The most recent adjustment took place July 1, 2018. The statutory language states that port districts “may” adopt the new threshold, but they are not required to. Read more

Alternative Fuel Requirements Now in Effect
By Lynn Nordby
Effective June 1, 2018, all local government subdivisions (including port districts) are required to satisfy 100% of their fuel usage for operating publicly owned vessels, vehicles, and construction equipment from electricity or biofuel “to the extent determined practicable.” Read more

Retaining Institutional Knowledge in the Wake of the "Silver Tsunami"
By Byron Katsuyama
The impending wave of Baby Boomer retirements, sometimes called the “silver tsunami,” can cause a significant loss of institutional knowledge. How can your district capture and retain this valuable knowledge before workers retire? Read more

JLARC Unveils Public Records Reporting System
By Oskar Rey
MRSC has received many questions about JLARC public records reporting requirements as modified by the 2017 bill ESHB 1594. This blog post looks at the new requirements and JLARC’s newly unveiled reporting system. Read more

New Limits on Use of Criminal Background Checks During Hiring Process
By Sarah Hale and Shannon Phillips
Under the new Washington Fair Chance Act, an employer may only ask about a person’s arrest or conviction history once the employer has made the initial determination that the applicant is qualified. Read more

New Bills Addressing Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
By Flannary Collins
The state legislature passed several bills in the 2017-2018 legislative session related to gender equality and sexual harassment that local governments should be aware of.  Read more

Using RFPs as a Competitive Procurement Tool
By Judy Isaac
This blog post examines how an agency can use a Request for Proposals (RFP) as a competitive procurement tool. Read more

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