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September 2017
Focus on Fitness at Berkley Riverfront
Free classes and upcoming amenity

Berkley Riverfront is taking the gym outdoors. This summer young professionals, yogis, athletes, trainers and exercise enthusiasts have gathered for fitness classes at Berkley Riverfront. Due to great response, more fitness opportunities and amenities are on the way.

Riverfront Fitness classes on the riverfront
This is the first year for Riverfront Fitness classes, which are free, rotating fitness classes led by local fitness instructors. Classes started in May, with attendance growing throughout the summer. Yoga, the most popular class, averaged 100 to 150 people per session. Other classes included boot camps, team fitness and family game night.

Riverfront Fitness is coordinated by Friends of the River. It was created to help people reach their fitness goals and meet other Kansas Citians. It is an opportunity to shake up (or start) a fitness routine surrounded by beautiful scenery, with the Missouri River to one side and the skyline to the other. There are two classes left this year, and sign-ups and more information can be found here. Riverfront Fitness will begin again next spring.

Fitness courts coming next year
Upcoming Events
September 20, 2017
September 27, 2017
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October 14, 2017
In The News
Connect with Port KC

Connect with Berkley Riverfront

Port KC is continuing to expand fitness and recreational opportunities on the riverfront. Currently, Port KC is looking for creative proposals for innovative fitness courts. These will accommodate both groups and individuals. Features may include equipment space for aerobic and cardio activities, as well as strength and body weight training equipment. Construction is planned for next year. The tentative location is adjacent to the sand volleyball courts.

The Berkley Riverfront Fitness Court Request for Proposals can be found here (pdf)
Richards-Gebaur achieves record occupancy
Tenants have flexibility and room to grow

Port KC works to attract businesses and jobs to Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park and is happy to report record occupancy. As of August 2017, Richards-Gebaur had an occupancy rate of 95%. So far this year, new leases and renewals totaled about 241,000 square feet of the 553,000 square feet of leasable space.
One key to this growth is the flexibility Richards-Gebaur offers. Port KC works with tenants to meet their specific needs, allowing them to establish and grow at Richards-Gebaur. PCI Auctions Midwest  is a great example of that. PCI Auctions Midwest, an online restaurant and business equipment auctions company, needed more space for product acquired from a large acquisition. Adding 29,000 square feet of hangar space quickly allowed them to complete that deal. Cap Bros MotorSports, a machining and metal fabrication company, continues to expand and has moved into new product lines. They were able to relocate to an even larger space within Richards-Gebaur to accommodate their growing business.

Port KC is pleased that tenants have chosen Richards-Gebaur for their businesses. As a former air force base, it offers unique spaces to tenants including hangars, offices and warehouses. It is strategically located along I-49 with convenient access to the metro area and beyond. For more information on Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park, please visit the website and watch the highlight video.  
An environmentally friendly alternative
Former waste material recycled and shipped through the Port of Kansas City
Port KC has doubled the amount of mill scale unloaded at the Port of Kansas City over the past two years. 

Historically, mill scale had one future. It was a waste product produced by steel manufacturing, collected and then buried on-site, creating environmental concerns. However in recent years, mill scale has been recycled for new use in products including batteries, fertilizer, colored glass and paint.  At Port KC, mill scale is unloaded for reuse by a local cement producer.

At the port terminal, this former waste product is shipped by a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. In comparison to trucking and rail, inland barge transportation is incredibly energy efficient. Each individual barge holds the equivalent freight to 60 trucks or 18 railcars. On the Missouri River, it is common to see one towboat pushing six or more barges. This is equal to 360 truckloads or 108 railcars. 

Waterborne transportation also produces less air pollution than rail and truck transportation when carrying the same amount of cargo, as illustrated below.
Berkley Riverfront Instagram account
Stay up-to-date and view beautiful photos

Berkley Riverfront has a new Instagram account! This account shares news, photos and information, such as the latest on Union | Berkley Riverfront Park, Bar K, events and more.

Some of the best posts come from visitors. People at Berkley Riverfront capture stunning photos and share wonderful stories. Use the hashtag #berkleyriverfront, and your post may be shared.

Click here to view and follow the account. 
Properties available for lease at Richards-Gebaur

At Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park, tenants enjoy easy access to major highways and interstates including I-49,  29, 35, 70, 435 and 635.  Additionally, these properties benefit from inclusion in a Foreign-Trade Zone and Class I freight rail service from Kansas City Southern.

One such property, located at  15430 Andrews Rd. , is available for lease and includes the following:
  • 6,345 sf office/classroom space available 
  • Ample parking
  • Space is divisible- individual suites ranging from 100 sq ft to nearly 3,000 sq ft
  • Air conditioned
  • Fully built out office space
For more information and a list of all properties available for lease at Richards-Gebaur, please  click here. For any inquiries, please contact Mark Long, SIOR, CCIM, LEED AP, at  mlong@ngzimmer.com or call 816-512-1011.
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