News and Updates | Issued on June 4, 2020
The Port of Benton publishes news updates for its tenants, lessees, and partner organizations.
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Tri-Cities Open and Safe Business Resources
View the latest guidance for steps and resources to reopen your business safely under the Safe Start Washington proclamation. Resources include:

  • COVID-19 safety plan templates
  • Business signage toolkit
  • industry specific guidelines
  • General guidance for individuals and employers
  • COVID-19 exposure scenario
  • Do's and don't for employers
Updates from Crow Butte Park
Last weekend's spring thunderstorm took down several trees at Crow Butte Park. We're thankful to our team that has been working for months to trim and remove dead branches; significantly reducing the number of trees that could have come down without dedicated management.

One benefit to come from the closure of overnight camping during the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order was that usual campers were unable to enter the park during the storm. We'd like to extend our appreciation to dedicated camp hosts and visitors who quickly and efficiently evacuated the park day use and boat launch areas.

As the Safe Start Reopening plan continues we're focused on planning for our pending reopening to overnight camping, which will be done once we enter Phase II and can be assured universal access to overnight camping of all types. Overnight camping reservations are being assessed and refunded in-full on a week-by-week basis so we can notify pending reservations when they may be able to return to Crow Butte.
Currently Open Activities:

• Boat Launch
Currently Closed Activities:

• Day Use Area
• Playground
• Overnight Camping
ZoomInfo IPO

ZoomInfo (no, not that Zoom) joined the Nasdaq index this week, with an initial public offering valued at $8m.

ZoomInfo has acquired several PNW-based technology startups with a focus on database intelligence/management companies.
SpaceX Launch

SpaceX launched its first joint flight with NASA on Saturday, May 30th. The flight marks the first time in history that NASA astronauts have launched from American Soil in a private, commercially built and operated American spacecraft.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is holding the next virtual seminar in its Community Science & Technology series. Join  Aditi Sengupta for a conversation on the microorganisms needed in soils to maintain a healthy global environmental ecosysem.