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I hope your summer was a good one!  I'd like to tell you what PortSide has in the works, ask you about a volunteer appreciation event (whaddya want and when do you want it) and convey how grateful I and the crew are for what volunteers have been doing for PortSide NewYork.

I hope to see you sometime soon, and regards from Chiclet!

Looking ahead

This Saturday 9/6, we seek a few social souls for "tabling" at Pig Island food festival at IKEA where we are a community partner.  Volies get free food (amazing pork, craft beer) and a fun scene with live music. Work is light as table, tent, chairs are supplied by the event; and the essence of our "work" will be talking to people about PortSide and getting them to sign up to volunteer and/or get on our mailing list.

We may be a community partner at another event Columbus Day weekend where we'll need volunteers. Stay tuned (all puns intended) for further info on that one.

We are planning a fundraiser for the last week of October.

Thank you! 
We'd like to thank our volunteers with an appreciation event. Please let us know how and when you'd like to do that by checking spaces below and emailing the survey back.
I'd like event to occur

____ on a weeknight

____ on a weekend day
I'd like the event to be
____ afternoon picnic in Valentino Park, Red Hook

____ Croquet game and picnic in Valentino Park, Red Hook

____ local pizzeria. Either ____ House of Pizza & Calzone which has a small back yard at 132 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 or ____ Sam's Pizza 238 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY  11201

____ other. If you check this on, you better make suggestions!
Our budget is such that we would ask for pot luck contributions to a picnic.  If we go the pizzeria route, House of Pizza & Calzone are good friends and we can probably get the pizza donated. 

We cannot do a volie gathering on the ship (yet) as she is still in the containerport, and most of our volies don't have TWIC cards.

Thanks to Peter Guarraci who volunteered at least one day a week from April until Labor Day before leaving to focus more on his acting career. "The Guarraci" did a lot of work related to the galley renovation, making a new top for the picnic table, and general shipwork.

Thanks to Tara Quinn who came to volunteer for a week after she finished 3 months of work on the fascinating research vessel MARCUS LANGSETH which docked in this Red Hook port for repairs. She did major work repairing wasted steel around the base of our captain's cabin.

Special Heavy Metal thank yous  Thanks to everyone who worked before during and after and made our Heavy Metal Fundraising sale a success - and fun: Anne Bernstein, Joe Cowhey, Karen Dyrland, Renee Fayzimatova, Peter Guarraci, David Ingram, Gillian Kaye, Jerry Lerner, Greg Long, Matt Perricone, Rob Piechota, Christina Sun, Joshua Washington, and Chris Zoupaniotis.

The 7/27 Heavy Metal Fundraising sale earned us money and gave us welcome exposure to the public and a nice story in DNAinfo.  We sold to the trade for a few weeks after that.  It was great to get rid of the Sandy-damaged trailers while they were still standing.  Unloading them gave us an opportunity to curate the contents and set aside items for future exhibits or for use on the MARY WHALEN, and allowed us to get rid of things we don't need (barrels of chain, shackles, wireclips etc.)  
We are thrilled that Joe Cowhey came to the sale to identify things for us, be taped giving oral history and provide Red Hook info our WaterStories Red Hook cultural tourism project. 


An antiques dealer will probably take some items up to the Brimfield Antiques Sale in September, so the selling goes on!

PortSide + Mary Whalen logos combined

PortSide brought you... Red Hook Sandy recovery aid at 351 Van Brunt... TankerOpera in the containerport... Dutch Flat Bottom Fleet... TankerTours...concerts... movies... talks... walking tours ... kayak valet... TankerTime... redesign of the BoatBox Red Hook Boaters kayak container... bilingual ship tours at Concierto Tipico... exhibit about maritime response to 9/11... guides to Red Hook and more.  

PortSide NewYork is a 501(c)3 profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.