Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli was recently asked to write a column for a biotech publication on temporary testing labs and clinics. While the article focuses a lot of attention on SelecTech’s Covid response, the portability of our flooring has long been a benefit for many lab clients.

Prior to the pandemic, many labs wanted the flexibility of our interlocking FreeStyle BioLock flooring. They liked how it could go over existing flooring without floor prep. For some labs, they loved how it worked with their access flooring and the expansion opportunities that provided.

During the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in commercial office space, particularly here in the greater Boston area where SelecTech is based. Companies have downsized out of larger office space. Commercial property owners have converted those former offices into lab space. So life science companies looking to grow have very attractive options. A portable flooring option like our interlocking BioLock product gives those labs options on two fronts: first when they move in and next when they expand further down the road.

For more information about our interlocking BioLock floor, visit our website. 
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More portability

In the video to the right, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardellis demonstrates the portability of our FreeStyle BioLock product.
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Lab Design Conference
Once again, SelecTech will be an exhibitor at the Lab Design Conference next week in New Orleans. We'll be at booth 411 if you are in attendance and want to come say hi. For more on the conference, click the link below.

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