OMMP Under Attack!
Help Portland NORML Fight For Marijuana Patients!  Join our Caravan Monday!
We need your help.  This Monday and Wednesday, the State Legislature's Measure 91 Implementation Committee wil be hearing public testimony regarding  It is vitally important that you contact your state senator and representative about this disastrous bill.
SB 936 threatens safe access to medical marijuana for the most desperate patients in the program!
Among the provisions in SB 936 are limits on medical marijuana growers to just 12 plants within residential areas and 24 plants in non-residential areas.  Many patients rely on growers who are cultivating for multiple patients and SB 936 would make it impossible for these growers to serve all their patients.
Which cancer, multiple sclerosis, or hospice patients should have to go without medicine?
Furthermore, SB 936 would mandate overwhelming amounts of tracking, paperwork, and reporting by medical marijuana growers to the state, which would lead many growers to stop providing for patients altogether.
Join us for a free van ride to Salem to testify!
Find your  state senator and representative  and send them an email or make a phone call to let them know that you oppose SB 936.  If you can make it to Salem on Monday, in Hearing Room B at the State Capitol at 5pm, we have eight spots left in our passenger van to get you there.  Or if you have your own car and wouldn't mind sharing the ride with one of our members, just let us know.
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Portland NORML is dedicated to protecting all marijuana consumers, regardless of why they consume it.  We stand solidly behind Measure 91, which promised  three times  that it would not change the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act in any way.  SB 936 decimates the medical grow regulations of OMMA and is affront to not just the medical marijuana patients it would harm, but the voters of Oregon who approved Measure 91 with the belief patients would not be harmed.  With your help, we can force the legislature to respond to our demands that patients remain unharmed by marijuana legalization.

Russ Belville
Executive Director
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