Adventures in Celebration

A portrait, for me, is like capturing the wonderful essence of the person who I'm creating with.  It reflects who this person is and what they are passionate about.  And...we're all unique in our own beautiful way. 

I always like to include a quote which resonates with me, 

"Photography takes an instant out of time, 
altering life by holding it still." .....Dorthea Lange

and...this moment will be like no other moment in time.

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What I love about the weddings in Sedona, is that you can have your wedding the way you envision, and sometimes that means enjoying the adventure and natural beauty in a new way.  I love engaging in the process of adventure and what brides and grooms envision for their amazing wedding day.  

I look forward to discussing what you envision and how I may help you along your journey.
About Janise

I create with people who are excited about their lives.  They want to capture that joy and beauty so they may live it again and again. 

Janise loves sharing her gift of  photography with others - it is her lifetime passion.  And what a great place to capture memories for others, for she loves nature and people.  She embraces the magic of Earth's family and bounty and enjoys reflecting that love and joy back to others so they may see and feel their own beauty.  

She is always open to listening to what's important to you and will gladly personalize her photography to your needs and your vision. 

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