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Oct 22 - Oktoberfest Pub Night Fundraiser

To be announced - Introductory Seminar on Emergency Preparedness for Seniors and the Disabled.



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We have joined the Volinspire Community and encourage all our volunteers to register their profile as well.  Please record your volunteer hours w ith  Langley Pos-Abilities Society on the site on a regular basis .  This information is a critical step in our application for funding.

Please note that in order to volunteer for our society, you must be a member.

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Waiting for my client to wakeup so I can take him to school... did you know, that when planning a field trip for a class with a child who uses a wheelchair,  most schools very rarely hire a wheelchair accessible bus, the parent is expected  to provide transportation,  all the way into Vancouver to Playland. Usually the only time they accommodate is if the parent makes a stink about their kids rights... but let's be honest, most of the parents  are too stressed and tired fighting other bigger fights, so they just roll with it, and the poor kid has to ride alone.  
Oh, this just in - client can't go to school today, THE ELEVATOR IS BROKEN! Why the class for kids with disabilities is on the second floor in the first place, I'll never know! A kid shouldn't have to miss school because of mechanical issues, when they could simply attend class on the first floor... ugh.
Thought those accessibility issues in the community might be of interest to you... sorry for the rant hehe.
Editor:  What do you think?

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Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
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Volunteering for Canada Day - some of our key board members  

 Thanks to our official photographer Maya Bennett Photography for the many wonderful pictures.

The Wheelchair Obstacle Course training has been done and we are now in a position to be able to bring it to events, facilities and allow people to experience Trying on a Disability.
To reserve for your event, call Zosia at  604-961-0117, 

Exciting times!
The last few months have been filled with much activity and positive energy with our presentations, with the displays in the community, the fashion show and the Open House at our storage facility.  Our membership has almost doubled since last year! 

The roster of volunteers is exploding. We are so grateful for that and in trying to improve our organization, we have appointed one of our board members, Tracy Boyd, as the volunteer coordinator.  She can be reached at 604-788-8475.

Open House
The Open House was well attended with Mayor Jack Froese doing the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Even though it rained throughout the day, guests were impressed with our facility.

Thank you to the Mayor and our volunteers for making this day such a resounding success.

Enes Staples won the photography package door prize donated by Maya Bennett Photography.
Fashions for All

The Fashion Show was quite successful. We enjoyed our partnership with Auld Phillips which allowed us to raise considerable funds for the Society.
Heidi (Auld Phillips) & Mandy (our MC)

One of the best parts of the fashion show was how each and every model shone.Thanks to all our volunteers for this great event!

Canada Day in Langley

We had a tremendously successful event at the Langley Events Centre this year.   Our volunteers from Kwantlen PU are to be credited with helping us make the day such a hit with young and old.  
Visitors to our booth industriously Trying on a Disability.

Of course having Mayor Froese and his wife, as well as our MP Mark Warawa and his wife attend, added to the community feeling.
We are already looking forward to next year! Remember, next year is Canada's 150th Anniversary and they are planning a bigger and better event.  We will have our Wheelchair Obstacle Course there.

Day of Pos-Abilities
We will be holding the Try On a Disability Challenge at 1:30pm that day.  We are hoping to have several sports teams competing, but failing that, we would invite members of the general public to sign up in the morning for the afternoon competition.

Work is progressing on organizing the event which will be happening on August 6th.  We are looking for volunteers to help set up, take down, work in the kitchen and other assorted tasks associated with this well-attended event. 
We are also seeking people or organizations who would like to promote their products/services at the event. Entertainers are also sought.  Contact Page Mayrand at
To register for the event, see our form here.
Look for us at many community events this year.  We hope to see you at the Day of Pos-Abilities!