When the Board of Trustees initiated the search for a new Executive Director in late 2020, we set out to find the person who could best cultivate a collaborative community that helps The Mountain thrive, consistent with its Mission and Vision, through the COVID era and beyond. After an extensive national search, I'm extremely excited to announce that Stephanie Anderson will be The Mountain's next Executive Director, starting February 14.

Steph has an extensive background in youth programming, camps, hospitality, and non-profits. The Board is confident that she'll be able to immediately put her skills and experience into good use to help us continue to grow our mission-related programming, renew our physical plant, and elevate the impact The Mountain has on peoples' lives and the broader world.

I'd like to thank Beverly Cree for serving as Acting Executive Director over the last 16 months. Beverly has shepherded The Mountain through a particularly difficult time with grace and a clear vision of what The Mountain can be, and has helped position us for success under Steph's leadership. I'd also like to thank Lee Reading, Chris Breivogel, Connie Goodbread, Peter Kandis, and Rev. David Messner, who served as our Search Committee, for their hard work and dedication to finding the right Executive Director candidate in Steph.

I'd also like to extend my thanks to you, Mountain members and supporters, for engaging in the crucial work of The Mountain. I know you'll join me in welcoming Steph to our community and in supporting her - and all of our staff and volunteers - in a successful next chapter for The Mountain.

-KC Boyce, Board Chair
Left to right: Lee Reading - Search Committee Chair, Beverly Cree - Acting Executive Director, Steph Anderson - Incoming Executive Director, KC Boyce - Board Chair. Collaborating to plan leadership transition.
As we journey into the new year, it is a time of new beginnings for many of us. For our beloved Mountain, 2022 offers a variety of exciting opportunities. In addition to looking forward to welcoming many guests for programming and retreats, we are delighted to be welcoming our new executive director, Steph. She officially begins her role of serving The Mountain February 14 – Valentine’s Day, a day of expressing appreciation.

There is much appreciation to be expressed in this leadership transition. Although, as many of you know, serving as Acting Executive Director was never on my bucket list, I immersed myself with staff in working toward our mission. In the process, I have grown to enjoy this role. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with staff and our constituents, to creatively share the challenges and celebrate the successes. The Mountain has been an important part of my life for 35 years, and will continue to be.

The past couple of days, it has been delightful to spend time with our incoming Executive Director, Steph. She demonstrates so many strengths which will contribute to the ongoing work of this special place. In addition to her administrative knowledge and experience, she is compassionate, personable, and dedicated to embracing the potential for The Mountain to enrich lives, build relationships, and extend connections with our natural environment.

I enthusiastically welcome Steph to The Mountain team, looking forward to working with her. I invite all of you to The Mountain to join with Steph and the rest of our team, all of us sharing our skills and interests in our mutual goal of maximizing the potential of our beloved Mountain.

-Beverly Cree, Acting Executive Director
The Mountain’s rich history, mission and programs are what has drawn me here and it is my privilege to build on, and continue the hard work, love and caring for The Mountain that all of you have been a part of. I am honored to be entrusted to lead this amazing organization. So, first, thank you!
I am equally excited to begin this new venture for myself and my partner Victoria. We are grateful for this opportunity to be surrounded by such good and caring people. To have the opportunity to live and work in a UU community is a dream come true for us. I look forward to learning from all of you and immersing myself in the magic of this very special place. I can’t wait to meet all of you over this year and very much look forward to hearing your stories and memories so that I can be more focused on ensuring that The Mountain carries on its legacy. I can’t wait to hit the ground running, and hiking, and meditating, and laughing and singing together as we continue to impact lives to make this world a better place. 

-Steph Anderson, Incoming Executive Director
To launch the new year, Steph spent two days, boots on the ground, at The Mountain. During that time she toured, communed and held discussions with staff, discovering first hand what The Mountain holds.
Joey Kyle Farm Manager speaking to Steph about The Many Hands Peace Farm.
I am quite thrilled that The Mountain found Steph to help transition The Mountain into a positive future for the next generations. I feel her background, pragmatism and attitudes towards collaboration and focused progress will launch us into something grand. This has been a long process to find the right person for the job and I believe the team did.

It is illuminating and energizing to see this potential come to be. There has been a lot of good things growing under the dormant surface of the past few years and we are ready to burst forth with a new level of synergistic enthusiasm and share the effects of that magic with all we can touch.

A huge blessing and thank you to Beverly as well, who gave so much and helped guide us through this transition, I look forward to her enjoying The Mountain in more relaxed way.

- Tanner Csonka, Communications & Media
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