Positioning Palooza!

Over the last 13 years, we've helped hundreds of companies develop and refine their positioning statements. Whether they've been one of our clients, a New Venture Challenge team, a Future Founders Fellow, an American Marketing Association student or an 1871 workshop attendee, they all needed help getting to the heart of why their business is different and special versus the competition.  
In doing this work, we often see two things pop up:   
1) Everyone loves the clarity that a positioning statement brings to their strategy, but early stage companies, in particular, often want to know what they can do with this powerful tool besides guide their creative. Our two blog posts below, part of our So You Have a Positioning Statement, Now What? series, begin to lay out the practicalities of how to use positioning statements in your day-to-day work.  
2) There are many smaller companies that don't have the resources to access the full suite of Argentum services, but still want more clarity around their positioning.  To serve this group better, we're developing a new self-directed Positioning Boot Camp offering!  Pre-launch details below. 
We're also excited that the American Marketing Association has asked us to develop a new 2-day class, Marketing Department of One. We'll be teaching the inaugural session this summer in Atlanta. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to pass along this 20% discount code: Silver20
So You Have A Positioning Statement, Now What?
Elevator Pitch

For fledgling marketers, it's not always clear how to use a positioning statement beyond on-boarding creative partners. We've developed some simple hacks to help our clients use it as an easy tool that enhances all sales and marketing efforts, not just the classic creative ones like ads and collateral.  
Read about how the teachers at one of our clients, Regina Dominican High School, used their positioning statement as the foundation to craft and deliver individualized and natural-sounding elevator pitches. Take me to the story 
So You Have A Positioning Statement, Now What? Messaging Matrix 

Not every company has access to creative resources. So we developed The Argentum Messaging Matrix to help. The Matrix makes positioning statement work even more useful, and it's one of our clients' favorite tools. It was born out of a collaboration with the marketing-oriented CEO of one of our dynamic Bay-Area tech clients. Read all about using the Messaging Matrix.

I regularly work with startups and early stage companies through incubator workshops and advisory work with accelerators like the Future Founders Fellows program. These companies are at a key stage in their development where a clear, strategic positioning statement can help change the overall trajectory of their business. But the challenge is that it's not possible for me to offer 1:1 coaching to all of these companies. And the cost of hiring me as a consultant typically isn't yet affordable for them.
That's why I'm building a new self-paced Positioning Boot Camp course that will take startups and early stage companies through the same step by step process I use with my clients. Delivered in an online video format, the course will include practical exercises to quickly build a focused, strategic positioning statement. There will be live Q&A along the way and a 1:1 meeting with me at the end of the training to review and refine the work.
While I'm preparing the class for launch, I'm looking for Beta customers as well as others willing to provide some input on things like messaging and content. I'd love your feedback! If you're interested in helping me, or if you'd like to learn more about signing up, just reply to this email and let me know. Thanks!
Thank you!  

We appreciate your continued referrals and are always excited to meet new businesses that might need our supplemental marketing strategy services.

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