November 30, 2020

Dear Gould Families,

As the number of COVID-19 cases spikes across the nation, we are reminded that our corner of the world is not immune. Although we have had no additional cases on campus since the positive case we reported 12 days ago, we received news today from the local school district of a positive Covid case at our local Crescent Park Elementary. They will be going remote for 72 hours as per their protocols. 

The individual was last at Crescent Park on November 19 and tested on the 20th. The SAD44 School District informed us that although they only learned of the case today, all close contacts would be identified and contacted this evening.

We are in the process of getting more information, but in the meantime, we ask any employees or day students with family members identified as close contacts to also stay home until Friday. The Covid Response Team is working to identify any concerns this might raise and to clarify next steps.

After Gould’s only positive Covid case 12 days ago, all close contacts have tested twice with negative results. Your students have done an amazing job following protocols and helping to keep the community healthy. Given this new case in the larger community, it is clear that we must remain vigilant.

We thank you for your patience and your faith in us. 

Julie Reiff
Director of Marketing & Communications