Screen Time Can Be Beneficial to Kids and Teens, Happiness Apps and Patient Fusion
The digital age is in full effect and we are moving toward more and more innovation. While we encourage relationships and connection outside of electronics, embracing technology can be positive as well. Read on to learn more about the benefits that are available.

Parents in the today's world have a lot of extra
responsibility, especially when it comes to electronics. There is pressure to ensure kids and teens aren't spending too much time online, watching TV, with tablets, computers and video games. However, this is the world we live in and not allowing a child to develop alongside their peers in a technologically charged world would be doing them a great disservice.  The important focus, which can be lost when technology is a major player, is communication.

Click here and learn how to make screen time productive rather than destructive. 

In a twist that sounds like the reverse of the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", app developers are creating options to promote happiness through location and situational awareness.  Mood tracking plays a big part in the apps and their success.

Find more happiness tools here. 

Speaking of making life easier with technology...Patient Fusion helps you keep track of your health records, manage your appointments, and communicate with your doctor. If you don't have access yet, contact your doctor's office today.
Accessing your health records.
After logging in and reviewing your record updates and pending appointments on your Dashboard, click on Health Records to see your up-to-date health information. Please note that this will only include what your doctor has added into the system. If you see incomplete or incorrect records, contact your doctor's office.
Your records will include the following information:
  • Lab tests and results (must be individually shared by your doctor)
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Procedures (any procedure that a doctor has performed on you in their office)
  • Care plans (plans for your future treatment)

Dr. McNeely's viewpoint and practice is integrative, combining developmental, cognitive-behavioral, existential and other perspectives to develop a holistic approach, broadening insight and opportunities for effective intervention. Abigail regularly works with clients dealing with a broad range of issues including:  depression , bipolar depression,  anxiety life  challenges and  chronic  illness.  She offers individual, couples and family counseling for adults and teens.

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