Dear ESF Community,
A student associated with ESF has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently isolating. ESF is working closely with the Onondaga County Department of Health to conduct a rapid case investigation and subsequent contact tracing. The campus community will be alerted if the Department of Health identifies any concerns.
ESF has launched a COVID-19 dashboard, which will be updated weekly and will provide community members an overview of metrics related to testing, cases, and tracing efforts. This dashboard will be our primary vehicle for communicating the latest information on testing, positive cases, and other data relevant to COVID-19 at ESF. For information about COVID-19 in the City of Syracuse and other communities in Onondaga County, please visit the Onondaga County COVID-19 site. For access to the Syracuse University Dashboard see

In addition, online forms have been added to the College's COVID-19/Restart webpage. Students are now able to electronically notify ESF of the following:
To access these forms, look in the
right-hand column of,
select Student Self Reporting and
click on the appropriate option.

John Wasiel
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Member, COVID-19 Point of Contact Team

Dr. Brian Leydet
Assistant Professor
Member, COVID-19 Point of Contact Team