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27 Quotes from Our Amazing Positive Summit Speakers
If you took the opportunity to listen to any of our 2022 Power of Positive Summit speakers then you know how powerful their messages were! So much wisdom combined with practical application to help you stay positive, overcome challenges, and make a greater difference. Here is a quote from each speaker to inspire you today:

1) Fear and Faith both believe in a future that hasn't happened yet. Choose faith. - Jamie Kern Lima

2) Danger is real but fear isn't. Fears are just the way you perceive a situation. Fears tell you lies. Don't let fear hold you back from rewriting your story. - Damon West 

3) Don't let your feelings dictate how you show up. Dominate a standard that you set in advance. - Ben Newman

4) THE LIE society tells us is that your success, your fame, your fortune are the most important things about you. - Alex Demczak

5) Love was the most important factor for our team in accomplishing what we have. - Sean McVay

6) Everyday I have to make a decision. Am I going to just stay there in bed? Or, am I going to pull myself out of bed? And when I make the decision to pull myself out of bed, I make the decision to be relentless in life. - Jay Glazer

7) Oftentimes we start with trying to find answers, but finding the right answers begins with asking the right questions. - Valorie Burton

8) If you know what your virtues, values, standards, philosophies, and non-negotiables are in your life. Your life will change forever. - Steve Weatherford

9) When something bad happens, it's not about what has happened, it's about what you do next that will change everything. It starts with you. - Octavia Goredema

10) You are only one encounter away from completely changing your life. - Ed Mylett

11) Choose to be your number one cheerleader. - Heather Monahan

12) Be the change that you want to see. - Derwin Gray

13) Adversity is life's greatest teacher. - Jeb Blount

14) Don't get distracted focusing on someone else's relationship with God, work on your own. - Jade Gordon

15) A lot of the success I have reached in my life has come from living outside of myself. Serve others. - Damian Lillard

16) Your greatest ideas can only find their full power when you find a way to communicate them. - Erwin McManus

17) Value people, you never know what God will do through another person. - Inky Johnson

18) It doesn't matter if anyone believes in you, you can still have everything you want if you believe in yourself. - Candy Valentino

19) Believe that your people have greatness inside of them. Because they do. - Stephen MR Covey

20) The people who win are either better than their competition or they are different from their competition. - Phil Beckner

21) Look for ways to redeem the wrong. - John O'Leary

22) Wherever you are or whatever your situation is, you are not going to make a change until you are frustrated about where you are. - Nathan Chan

23) In the locker room diversity is not an obstacle, it's a strength. - Stephen Mackey

24) When you have your season, moment or situation that feels like it's going to take you down, move closer to the people you love, hang on to your faith, and you will make it through. - Coach Yo

25) A lot of time the key to helping us figure things out is clarity, and when you don't have clarity you can't move on anything. - Kathryn Gordon

26) You don't have to knock someone else down to get where you want to go. - Elisha Jarrett

27) Buckle down, be positive, and realize sometimes in life it's not about what happens to you, it's about your response to what happens to you. - Chris Singleton

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