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Create an Unbreakable Team
Our next LIVE Masterclass Coaching on October 27th at 12pm ET is focused on helping you create an unbreakable team with consistent application and reinforcement of the Stick Together principles: Belief, Ownership, Connection, Love, Inclusion, Consistency, and Hope. Get the details and sign up here.
Ten years ago Coach P.J. Fleck created his Row the Boat culture-transforming, team-building, never give up philosophy from the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row the Boat

P.J. studied elementary education in college before he became a Power 5 college football coach so he has always believed in the power of a short, simple meaningful message. 

It’s fitting then that he reads his team a children’s book the Friday night before each Saturday game. 

Yes, before these college aged athletic phenoms hit the field on Saturday and display their speed, strengths, gifts and talents in front of tens of thousands of people, their head coach reads them a short story with a simple powerful message. 

This weekend I got a chance to experience this unique practice first hand with my 23 year daughter who sat next to me in the back of the room as we watched P.J. read his team the book. It was a unique, fun experience that is part of a special culture P.J. has created. 

P.J. also visits each players' hotel room to say goodnight. He visits 45 rooms every Friday night. 

Culture doesn't have to be complicated. 

Simple is powerful. 

Make the time to connect and build relationships. 

Life is filled with amazing stories 

Tap into them to love and encourage your team. 

Row, Row, Row the Boat... a children's book will be coming down the stream.


To learn more about P.J.'s process, read our bestselling Row the Boat book.
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3 Ways to Energize Your School
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