Here are a few upcoming opportunities to help you learn, improve and grow!

Daily Positive
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Power of Positive Summit, Free Online April 2-8
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LIVE Coaching on March 25 with Jon Gordon and Damon West
As part of my Mentor Coaching Program, Damon West and I will be teaching LIVE online on March 25th at 12pm ET. This will be a deep dive on being The Coffee Bean along with interactive Q&A to address any issues you or your team are struggling with right now. Join the Mentor Coaching Program now and you can sign up 3 people for the price of 1! Sign up at

Free Webinar for Student Athletes and Coaches on March 26
Kate Leavell and I will share strategies to stay positive for student athletes and coaches on March 26 at 12pm ET. If you're a student, but not an athlete, you can still benefit from this. Sign up at

Jon Gordon Reading The Energy Bus for Kids
We've had a lot of requests from teachers and parents for Jon to read The Energy Bus for Kids. Here it is. :) Feel free to share.