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In a Moment Your Life Can Change for the Better
She was an Uber driver who picked me up at the Dodgers spring a few years ago. I had just spoken to the team and had to quickly get to the airport to make my flight. I wasn't sure if I would find a ride to the airport but the second I pressed confirm pickup, the car was there with the door open. She had just dropped someone off. I never had that happen before.

It was a nice car and I asked her why she drove. She said she had just lost her job and was supporting her two kids and husband who had also just lost his job. I could tell she was struggling and offered her some positive words about her family and future. She asked what I did and when I told her, she said she loved those kinds of books and listened to inspirational messages.
I gave her my website and promised to send her a book if she emailed me. That Uber driver now works with me and our company. Her name is Marlo and she is thriving!

It's a great example that life can change in a moment. You never know where your next opportunity or new great team member will come from. You never know how your life can and will change from a meeting, an event, a call from an old friend, a chance encounter. 
Life is not static, it's dynamic. It's always changing. 
Jon and Marlo
Don't get stuck thinking that your life can't and won't change for the better. Don't go through life focusing on your problems with your head down. 

Instead keep your eyes open and your head up. Be open to new possibilities. Be kind to people. Take action. Believe that something great is coming your way. Maintain hope. Believe in what's possible.

Marlo no longer drives a car for Uber. Now she manages our Positive University Podcast scheduling. She works with potential clients who want to book me or one of our speakers for an event. She helps with event logistics. She's a tremendous asset to our team. And she's able to work from home so she can spend more time with her children. Her husband found another job at a bank. 

Marlo has made our team and company better and our fateful meeting is proof that no matter what we are going through at the moment, our lives and teams can change for the better. 

- Jon
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