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What makes a great team? This image below is a quick guide...

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Negative vs Positive Team

Resource: Read my bestselling book "The Power of a Positive Team." It's available anywhere books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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Build a Positive Team

 Attend an Upcoming LIVE Training  

November 3 - Phoenix, AZ

During this full day LIVE training, we’ll share proven strategies and best practices to help you build a stronger, more united and connected team. You’ll discover how to:

  • Create a positive team culture fueled by a shared vision and greater purpose
  • Activate the competitive advantage of positivity in day-to-day teamwork
  • Generate team alignment and engagement
  • Address and remove team negativity
  • Improve team communication and clarity
  • Enhance team grit to overcome challenges and create solutions
  • Build team trust and unity
  • Foster team caring and inclusivity
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Leave a team legacy of greatness

You’ll also leave with an action plan to improve your team and organization and create positive results!

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Team Training

Certified Trainer Program 

We also have a Certified Trainer program where you can become equipped to teach others within your organization (or beyond) on these proven principles. 

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