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Power of Positive Leadership
Workshop for TEENS
Parents / Coaches: We're hosting our final Power of Positive Leadership Workshop ONLINE for TEENS of the year on December 4th to empower teens to lead themselves and others. I'd highly encourage you to have you teens attend. The workshop gets amazing feedback every time we offer it!
Thanksgiving morning, Diego Gomez, a manager of Rosewood resort in Mayakoba Mexico, sent me this picture of "Stay Positive" in the sand. He knows about the messages I share and took the time to write and create a message that would be special to me.
Stay Positive Sand Photo
But only a few hours later the heavy rains came and washed the "Stay Positive" away. I thought about how often this happens in life. We wake up feeling positive or have a moment of happiness where we think life is perfect and then life happens.

We are filled with gratitude on Thanksgiving only to return to stuff hitting the fan at work on Monday. The storms come and can easily wash away our positivity.

Diego's sign washed away but I will always keep the picture he took with me to remind myself to stay positive. You can do the same when the rain comes, and circumstances happen.

You can keep that "Stay Positive" picture alive in your mind. Envision who you want to be and how you want to show up in your most challenging moments. See yourself staying positive and leading others in a positive way. Remember how you felt when you were being positive and happy and know that feeling is available to you right now once again. Continuously see a picture in your mind of what you look like when you are at your best.

You don't have to depend on the moment to make you positive and happy. You can choose to be positive and happy in the moment.

Take the message on Sunday to work with you on Monday. Take the gratitude you felt on Thanksgiving with you to work each day of the year.

Life is a series of moments and just as a picture captures a moment you can choose to capture your moments.

It all starts with the picture in your mind. See it. Remember it. Smile and seize the moment and take on the day!


Suggested Resource: Get my bestselling book "Stay Positive." It includes over 300 short inspiring messages / quotes to fuel your life with positivity. Feed the positive and read one each day!
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