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It feels like we’ve lived a lifetime since March and a lifetime is filled with a lot of stories.

In the midst of this difficult, strange, surreal, heartbreaking, revealing, uncomfortable and surprising time I’ve made notes of all the stories I’m going to be able to tell.

Despite many losses, I gained so much. Amid the division and disagreements, I found a greater understanding and unity. Surrounded by negativity, my voice and conviction about real positivity grew stronger. With so much fear, I found a deeper faith.

I wondered what stories others would share, so, on twitter, Instagram and Facebook I asked the question, “What kind of stories will you tell about this time?” The answers filled my timeline. Here are a few of them:
How I really could see the light through the dark!
I’m going to tell of this crazy time, job loss, trust in His province, new job. MOSTLY I will talk about the 5 months we were all together. Sunday “singing breakfasts”, game nights and plain ole family time!

I’m going to tell about seeing my grandson through a glass door until he was 3 weeks old and then only with hazmat suits on and gloves and masks. And I’ll tell about how happy I was to finally hold him with bare hands.

My son learned to ride his bike (After much struggle),I connected with HS football buddies on a bible study, I ran a minimum of 1 mile every day for the past 6 months, I learned how to teach my students remotely and now in a hybrid fashion, and I got to spend so much time w/ family.

Stories of faith, love and deeper connection with the family. A year when we felt like time stopped for a little bit; it gave us a chance to catch our breath... months when did not have to rush anywhere, a time when “schedule” was not in our daily vocabulary. A year that ‘gave’ us more time with our wonderful kids!!A lot of inner-growth took place all around us.
My 22-year-old daughter is going to tell stories about being an essential worker supporting herself by delivering food via Postmates after the restaurant where she worked closed. She learned to overcome adversity and find a way to provide for herself during the most challenging time in her life.

However, not all the stories were uplifting and inspiring. Some said they would tell stories of politics destroying our country while others said they would tell stories of suffering, loss, and despair.

I realized the stories we tell are determined by the experiences we have had and our perspective about those experiences.

In reading all these stories it became clear that even when you are faced with a difficult experience you can still find a positive perspective and tell a positive story. For example, I lost my mom to cancer 14 years ago and while I remember the pain during that time, I tell positive stories of how she loved me and impacted me.

When I talk about having a positive perspective some will roll their eyes and accuse me of ignoring reality. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having a positive perspective doesn’t mean you ignore reality. It means you tell a positive story to create a better reality and live a better story.

Being positive does not mean you sugarcoat the situation. It means you don’t let negativity sour the rest of your life.

How you see the world determines the world that you see. And the stories you tell determine the life that you live.

That’s why the stories you will tell about this time are so important. They say a lot about how you see the world and are a great predictor of the new stories you are going to create and tell in the future.

So, let me ask you, what kind of stories are you going to tell about this time?

Please share them here on my FB page, or Instagram or Twitter?

- Jon
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