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Who's On Your Bus?
Who's on your bus?

Are they fueling or draining you?

Do they enhance the morale, energy and performance of your team or do they sabotage it? 

Do they energize and attract clients and customers or make them want to run away? 

As you build your culture and create your team you want to fill your bus with bus drivers and transform, neutralize or remove the energy vampires. 

This doesn't mean you don't care about people who are being negative. It means you care enough to help a negative person become more positive. It means you care about all the bus drivers on your team who are trying to do great work and don't let negativity affect your culture and sabotage your mission. It means you hire people who provide a great experience for your customers.

To help you identify the bus drivers and energy vampires here's a little chart:
Energy Bus Driver vs Energy Vampire
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For more resources read The Energy Bus, watch the video with your team, bring a workshop to you and/or get the field guide.

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Energy Bus for Schools
Leadership Workshop Online
Join us on July 12 for a half-day leadership workshop ONLINE where you will learn strategies to help build a positive school culture. This engaging session includes discussions, activities, and group interaction to discover and implement positive leadership principles into your school. This training is intended for district leaders & employees, school administrators, guidance counselors, and lead teachers.

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